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An arena packed with beauty queens... I'm scared to go in there.
Breath of Nature This article is a C. It is missing three or more sections and has little to no imagery. Anything that can be added will be appreciated highly.
This article is about the fairy who attends to Alfea. You may be looking for Stella's mother.
Luna is a fairy who attends to Alfea. She is sometimes seen in Cloud Tower. She is mostly seen with Priscilla and Katy in season one. She is seen talking to Riven during the dance in "Alfea College for Fairies".




Luna's Civilian Outfit

Luna has dark green hair, pink shirt, and light blue pants with dark green shoes.


She is seen wearing a pink dress that goes past her knees with straps that goes around her shoulders, close-up we see there are small red dots on it.


  • Luna has been seen at Cloud Tower, so she could be another transfer student. It could also be just a character error.
  • Her name has Latin origin and means "moon", which could also be her powers.

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