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Lucy is a witch who attends Cloud Tower and was Mirta's only friend while she was there. She has insect powers, so she can control any species of insect.


Unlike the rest of the students at Cloud Tower (and Alfea, and every other girl in the series for that matter) Lucy is very unattractive, with an elongated face and sharp, angular features. She has a thin, bony figure and stooped shoulders. Her eyes are a pale green. Her jagged, dark green hair falls to her waist and her uneven bangs hang past her eyes in places. She wears an off-white tank top that reveals her midriff and a checkered green-and-purple miniskirt with a belt over green tights, as well as red fingerless gloves that cover most of her forearms. She also wears violet military-style boots.

When the Trix transform Lucy in "Miss Magix," enhancing her appearance, her hair becomes longer, smoother, with chickly cut bangs, all while retaining its greenish tint. Her face becomes beautiful-matching the other students at Cloud Tower and Alfea and even surpassing some in beauty. Her eyes are blue under a thick fringe of lashes. Her off-white tank top becomes a mini-dress and choker of the same color, and her body becomes curvier and more attractive. However, her beautiful facade doesn't help her toxic attitude towards Bloom and the other fairies, and it is ultimately her giveaway.

She wears a white long loose collared shirt that has puffy sleeves, frilly ends and a purple crop top. She wears a blue shirt-belt and purple pants.


Lucy, like most witches, she is basically mean and hostile to fairies, but is still friends with Mirta, despite her leaving Cloud Tower.
Mirta and Lucy

Mirta's and Lucy's childhood photograph

In the episode "Miss Magix," Lucy wants to compete in the Miss Magix contest, and applies to the Trix for help. They decide to help, disguising her as a fairy, and sabotage the rest of the contestants, except Stella, who avoids the tricks. When Lucy wins, they betray her and transform her back into a witch (in the 4kids version, Bloom counteracts the spell). Stella is then declared Miss Magix.