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Love & Pet is a shop for Fairy Pets. Flora was the one to have this idea when the Winx quit their former jobs to
Love & Pet Außenansicht
sort out stuffed animals and a spell had been cast on them, turning them into real pets.


The Winx temporarily worked for Mr. Rooney, the owner of the biggest toy shop in Gardenia, and it was there that Flora found the plush animals that she brought to life using her magic. As a reward for having done their job well, Mr. Rooney offered the location of what would become the Love & Pet Shop to the Winx. The shop itself was created from an idea of Flora's to help people believe in magic again. On the first floor of the Love & Pet Shop is a lounge where the Winx live during their stay on Earth.

The Fairy Pets are not for sale, as the Winx stated that they give the pets for adoption generously, and possibly that they get paid for their services such as taking care of sick pets and providing their customers with food or outfits for their pets. The Fairy Pets can also be downloaded through the official Love & Pet website that appears in the series.

In the comics, the Winx got their Fairy Pets from Tecna by connecting to the website through her phone and downloading them.

Neither Love & Pet nor the Fairy Pets appear after the fourth season.


  • Bloom: In charge of setting appointments and attending to the customers.
    Love & Pet Innnenansicht
  • Flora: In charge of the nursery and caring for the pets if they get sick and as well as taking care of their well being. She provides food that the Fairy pets need to their owners.
  • Aisha: In charge of keeping the pets in shape through exercise and playing with them.
  • Musa: In charge of teaching the pets to sing, dance, and play instruments.
  • Tecna: In charge of updating the website for the shop, and she also oversees the distribution of the pets through the online services.
  • Stella: In charge of keeping the pets clean and improving the pets' appearances.


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