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Love & Pet is a shop introduced in Season 4.


At Love & Pet, the Winx give away Fairy Pets as a way to bring magic back to Earth. Love & Pet is where Fairy Pets are given away, cared for, played with, and performed with. Each girl has her own station that is part of the well-being of the Fairy Pets and the store.


First Floor

There is a lounge where the Winx live during their stay on Earth.


  • Bloom: Co-Owner. She manages the front desk, sets appointments, and tends to customers.
  • Stella: Co-Owner. She manages the grooming station and keeps Fairy Pets groomed and fashionable.
  • Flora: Co-Owner. She manages the nursery and cares for Fairy Pets by providing them food and medicine.
  • Musa: Co-Owner. She teaches the Fairy Pets to sing, dance, perform, and play instruments.
  • Tecna: Co-Owner. She manages the shop's website and oversees its distribution of Fairy Pets.
  • Aisha: Co-Owner. She manages the obstacle course and keeps Fairy Pets fit and active with exercise and playtime.




Love and Pet among the buildings.

In "The Unicorn's Secret," the store is seen among the other buildings in Gardenia.


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