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Title Fairy of Electricity
Class Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Alfea
Powers and Abilities Electricity

Lolina is a fairy who attends Alfea. Lolina is a fairy with black hair. She was contestant number one in Miss Magix, but did not win.


Her daily outfit consists of a striped green and white shirt and a green miniskirt. and her some of her hair in a high ponytail with a red band.

In her boxing outfit she wears a white shirt that has a color but no sleeves, blue shorts with white bands and pockets. She wears boots and red boxing gloves.

Green/blue gravity-defying rings surround her fairy outfit. (Her element color is green & her power is Electricity.) It consists of a short sleeve shirt, short skirt, leg warmers, bracelets, and hair band. Her shoes are purple with green bands. Her wings are light purple-blue and about the same shape as Flora's.

Her hair is in its usual part ponytail but no visible band. Her shirt is a zip up vest with a light green elastic bottom. She also wears green shorts with a light green bottom. She also wears light green leg warmers and navy shoes with light blue sole.


Lolina is an outgoing, funny and hyper fairy. She has a lot of energy and can really go all out during a shopping session.

It is revealed that she is boxer during the Miss Magix contest.


Season 1

She was one of the contestants in the Miss Magix contest in episode twelve. While the Winx were in Stella's dressing room, helping her prepare for the contest, someone cried out loud in the hallway and Bloom went to go check it out. It was Lolina's friend whose hair had suddenly very poofy and large. Lolina tried to reassure her but Stella's comment on the hair made Lolina's friend run away in despair.

She was the first contestant to be introduced and her talent was boxing, however because of the Trix's meddling, she got injured instead and lost.

Magical Abilities

Lolina is the Fairy of Electricity and with that has enough knowledge on how to save electricity.


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