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This is the page for all of Tecna's outfits.

Season 1


Tecna wears a striped purple, white, and green shirt and a pair of purple pants. She also wears a pair of soft purple sneakers. She also has short pink hair.

Domino Suit

Her outfit, like the other girls is a black-blue jumpsuit with a hood. It also has some white fur trim, and a pair of snow eye wear. Her look is similar to the other girls Winx girls, only with her own hairstyle.

Formal Dance

Her gown consists of a pale purple dress with light green details and outline. There is a strange circle on the top of her dress. Tecna is wearing a crown and a headdress at the back. She has mysterious decorations on her back that look like wings (like Stella's Princess Attire in Season 1). She also wears light purple and blue boots.

Casual Dance

Her casual dance outfit is a magenta and lime green jacket with a magenta mini skirt with the same colored shoes.


Similar to the other Winx, her explorer outfit is a khaki vest with mini shorts, boots, and a light purple shirt underneath.


Her season 1-2 pajamas are a soft purple t-shirt with a lime green double arrow on her chest area and a pair of lime green shorts with the same color socks, and soft purple shoes.

Season 2

Formal Dance

Tecna's Dance formal outfit consists of a choker, a strapless silver and lime green top, a mini skirt with the same pattern as her shirt, dark tights, and silver pumps. Her accessories consist of pearl earrings and silver wristbands.

Back to School

She has a purple cropped top with silver and green trim and matching pants. She has a silver knee-length boots with green trimming. On her left arm she wears a fingerless, shoulder-length purple glove with a green stripe.


Tecna's Camping Outfit is a purple halter top with a yellow circle on the middle with a blue a. It is connected to a green skirt, with a blue butterfly pattern. She also wears a blue visor and white-and-blue strap heels.


Tecna's Ski Outfit is a green jumpsuit, yellow goggles and yellow skis. She wears a green turtleneck top under her outfit.

Video Game

Tecna's video game outfit is a gray and black jumpsuit when she was in/playing a video game with Timmy.

Season 3


Tecna wears a lavender midriff top with three teal buttons. She also wears a lavender skirt topping a pair of lavender leggings and medium purple boots. Also, Tecna wears teal earrings.

Eraklyon Formals

Tecna's Eraklyon outfit is a green gown that has a pink wrap around her chest, pink lining, ruffles and laces. She wears a green headband with a flower on her hair, a blue necklace, and green heels.


Tecna's Pajamas is a lilac and blue midriff top, with puffy sleeves and green laces and a ribbon. She wears knee length yellow sweatpants and green socks. She also wears blue sandals with green flowers and green bracelets.


Tecna wears a light blue midriff-style jumper-jacket with a pink T on the front standing for Tecna. She also wears light blue leggings with navy boots. She has a pink waist-bag with a navy mini-laptop attached. Her helmet is purple with a navy arrow on it.

Dance Class

Tecna`s Dance Class Outfit is a blue green coat with a pink fur hood. She also wears a pink midriff sweat top and matching sweat shorts, and green leggings. She wears pink leg warmers and green ballet shoes.


Tecna wears a purple midriff top with a blue ascot and purple shorts with chains. She also wears purple heels, silver earrings, purple wristbands and has a star tattoo on her face. A pale blue fedora is on her head.


Tecna's Raincoat is a striped pink, purple and blue midriff top, with a hood with flowers of the same color. She wears orange armwear with pink edges, purple gloves, and green shorts with pockets. She also wears striped knee length boots.

Omega Suit

Her omega suits is a orange midriff top and bottom with yellow wrist, ankle, and belt things and a yellow aura covering her.

Season 4


Tecna wears a neon blue collared shirt under a white and purple diamond print sweater and purple capris with a green belt. Her shoes are purple low-heels with light blue trim and a green bow. Her hair is longer with the back to the shoulders and the bangs normal with a light blue heart clip.

Frutti Music Bar

Tecna wears a lavender top with white and grape spotted stripe under a lime top with white sleeves and grapes on the sleeves and left chest with purple capris with a green belt and white stripes on the sides with grapes. Her shoes are white and purple flip-flops with grapes on the top. She also wears green sunglasses, a green cap with crapes on it, and a purple laptop-bag with white stripes on the side and grape decorations. Her hair is in the Season 1 and 2 form. She also accessorizes with a white and purple polka-dotted camera with green lenses.


Tecna wears a purple and lime polka-dotted top under a lavender coat with attached shorts and purple belts with green buckles and a lime collar and shoulders with a green strap with a purple and black buckle that attaches it from the right thigh to the shorts. Her shoes are lavender boots with lime laces and socks. She also wears lavender fingerless gloves with purple straps and a lavender and purple polka-dotted cap with a lime arrow on top.


Tecna's Pajamas is a pink shoulder top under a sky blue one strap top. She wears purple sweat pants with sky blue and yellow edges (one side is longer, the other is shorter).

Love and Pet

Tecna's Love and Pet outfit is a purple hat with polka dots, and a blue striped corset. She wears a pink jacket and green capris with purple edges. She also wears pink ballet flats.


Coming soon...


Tecna's Cowgirl Outfit is a purple midriff top with puffy sleeves and see through purple long sleeves. She wears a denim skirt with a green belt and pockets. She also wears brown cowboy boots.


She wears a dark blue t-shirt under a cropped purple shirt with several rips. She also has a heart necklace. She as a layered purple skirt with black trim and chains. On her feet she has light purple and white sneakers with pink laces and dark blue socks with purple trim. She has a black hairpin and white earrings.


Tecna's Exercise Outfit is a purple wear jacket, and a tank top with pink straps, purple and pink circles, word that says Tecna on the middle, and a yellow belt. She also wears purple sweatpants with yellow edges. She wears pink ballet flats with yellow bands.


Tecna's Painting Outfit is a yellow elbow length shirt and white overalls.


She wears a magenta spaghetti strap shirt over a purple hoodie with yellow strings. She also has a light blue skirt and fingerless purple gloves. She has a light blue barrette. On her feet are purple sneakers and lavender Argyle knee socks.


Tecna`s Date Outfit is a green dress with sleeves, it has a pink top and tie just around the waist. She also wears green strap heels.

Season 5


Tecna wears a one sleeve purple top with green trim and a green skirt with a white belt and gold strings through it and a belt pocket with purple tights. Her shoes are purple boots with open toes and green buckle straps. She also wears ice-cream cone earrings, a purple and gold necklace with a key, and two gold bracelets on her right arm and a purple, gold, and green bracelets on her her left arm. Hair is down but is now styled in a bob-cut.


Tecna wears a blue tank top with blue and red stripes on the shoulders with gold rope on the straps and on the chest with red shorts and a blue belt. Her shoes are pale yellow wedges with blue straps. Tecna also wears a gold rope bracelet with a blue anchor, a white and blue cap, and a gold barrette in her hair with a blue bow. Her hair is in season 4 form.


Tecna wears a lavender tank top with gold trim and pink buttons with a yellow pocket with a pink heart and purple pants with pink bows on the legs and pink trim with pink glow in the dark hearts. She also wears yellow slippers with pink trim and a heart. her hair is normal.


Tecna wears a neon blue top with collar and a purple striped vest with a purple beaded necklace and green suspenders connected to purple striped pantilunes. Her shoes are purple with light pink tips and hot pink trim with purple over the knee socks. Her hair is normal with a purple cap with a green stripe on it and a purple bracelet.


She wears a white top with purple trim and a purple bow on her chest with pink shorts. She also wears a purple, polka-dotted scarf, purple and white bracelets, and a purple bow in her hair with it in her civilian style. Her shoes are purple boots.

Underwater Explorer

Tecna wears a lavender jacket over a purple top with lavender shorts and a purple belt. she also wears a purple sweat bracelet on her right arm. Her shoes are purple heels with lavender and purple striped socks. Her hair is smoothed back to her shoulders.


Tecna wears a black sleeveless midriff top under a one strap purple top with yellow writting and sparkly black mini-shorts. She also wears purple armband on her right arm and a yellow on her left arm with black, purple, and gold bangle bracelets on her right wrist. Her shoes are purple boots with black straps on the top, ankle, and toes with black heels and lavender socks. Her hair is smoothed back with some bangs parted with blue streaks.


Her ballet outfit is a light blue tutu with a green skirt, and a cropped green top with purple hearts and one sleeve. She has purple leggings underneath and her shoes are light green.

Zenith Snow

She has a dark green sweater and a light purple scarf that is looped through her purple belt. She has light purple shorts overtop dark purple leggings, and light purple leg warmers. She has fluffy green arm warmers and matching leg warmers over her green boots. She also has green earmuffs and a purple bow in her hair.


Her volleyball outfit is similar to to Musa's and Flora's with a matching sleeveless pink top with the number 5, pink shorts and pink sneakers. Her hair is down to her shoulders and bangs smoothed left.

Fashion Show

coming soon...

Flower Princess

Tecna wears a floor length lavender dress with a lime green strapless top and veil starting at the waist over her skirt. Her skirt is decorated with pink flowers and a purple layer wrapped around her waist over her veil. Her hair is pinned in a bun similar to her Fashion Show.

Date Dress

Tecna's date dress is a sleeveless green dress with pink ruffles at the end with a pink belt with a gold buckle around her waist. Her hair is down with her bangs smoothed left with a blue rose in it.


She has a purple top with lime green straps with matching purple and lime green shorts. Her hair is similar to her Underwater Explorer.

Season 6


Tecna wears a pink mini-dress with the bottom puffing out and ending in frills under a pale blue and navy blue striped collar shirt with the last few buttons buttoned and over that is a royal purple jacket with a pink stripe across her chest. She also wears a purple beaded necklace and purple, light purple, and white striped over-the-knee socks. Her shoes are navy blue ankle-strap heels. Her hair is in its Season 1, 2, and 3 form, but the top of her head is puffed out and decorated with a navy blue headband that has a bow on the right side. She also wears pink pearl earrings.


Tecna wears a lime green long-sleeved top under a pink short-sleeved top with green polka-dots and soft blue neck-trimming with pink capris-like pants that has lime green bows tied in the back of the leg-trimming and a lime green button-line. She also wears pink, soft green, and soft yellow striped leggings. Her shoes are pink flats with soft blue trimming and hot pink bows on the tips. Her hair is in its Season 1, 2, and 3 form, but the top of her head is a little puffed.


Tecna wears a long dress, the top portion is soft greenish-yellow with a gold strap attaching the sides together, while the middle is brown with a strip of pale lavender pointing down from the top and decorated with soft lavender pearls down the middle leading to green laces(making the middle look like a corset), and the bottom portion/skirt is made out of green, yellow with brownish-gold plaid designs, and pale turquoise boxes with a soft greenish-yellow ruffle hanging from the middle of the skirt. She also wears a pale lavender gem-made necklace, a pale lavender ribbon-tied bracelet, and a tan belt with a pale lavender oval-buckle that has soft green accents. Her shoes are light brown and tan cowgirl boots. Her hair is in its Season 1, 2, and 3 form, but the top of her head is puffed up and decorated with a pale lavender cloth tied behind her head and dangles to her waist with a soft green flower on the left side.


Tecna wears a pink, soft green, gold, and dark blue striped top that is curled up to her chest and has one left-sleeve and on her right shoulder lies a gold twisted strap. Her bottoms are lavender capris-like sweat pants with a soft green waistband and two purplish-pink belts. She also wears a purple armband on her right arm, a purple fingerless glove on her left hand, and purple knee-socks with three pink stripes at the top. Her shoes are orange and gold ankle boots with purple laces that are tied in a bow at the top. Her hair is parted to the left and cheek-length, but is smoothed back because of a gold cloth tied into a bow on the top of her head.


Tecna wears a soft green dragging-dress with one strap on her right shoulder, pale blue ruffles coming out of the top on the left side, pale blue ribbons wrapped around her chest and waist that leads to two teal wave-like stripes going down the middle of the dress, the front of the dress shows her knees-down, and wave-like ruffles all over the dress. Her shoes are pale blue heels with tall ankle covers, and two straps with one having a light blue bead and the other having a large pale blue gem. She also wears pale blue earrings with three strings that end in beads, a soft pink beaded choker, and gold thick-bracelets. Her hair in in its Civilian form. Her wings are translucent pale blue with light blue beads on the trimming.


Tecna wears a light blue shin-length dress with purple trimming on the top, a sand-colored and light blue gem on the top connected to three rows of light blue beaded-straps, mauve leopard spots, and translucent blue cloth that begins at the gem and twists behind her at her waist with a purple thin-belt. Her shoes are lavender open-toe wedges with light green straps on top of her toes and ankles. She also wears sand-colored circle earrings with light blue beads on the bottom and center, a sand-colored bracelet on her right arm with a light pink gem that is surrounded by light blue beads, and a blue bracelet on her left arm with a blue gem on top surrounded by sand-colored beads. Her hair is in its civilian form.


Tecna wears a green shirt with a purple jacket on top, blue jeans with pink leg-warmers and yellow socks with two green stripes. Her shoes are pink. Her hair has a side fringe with light green earmuffs.


Tecna wears a pink collar top with a green mini-jacket over it. Her skirt is dark green with a yellow belt and on her left wrist is a pink bracelet. Her hair is in a side fringe paired with brown sunglasses.


Tecna wears a light blue tank top with periwinkle spaghetti straps and a darker blue ruffled line down the center. Her skirt is a ruffled light blue tutu with two periwinkle sea shell shaped skirt witha periwinkle ruffly bottom layer. She wears blueish purple legwarmers over translucent sparkly periwinkle stockings and dark blue ballet slippers. Her hair is in a bun held up with a light blue hair bow. She accessorizes with a periwinkle fabric around her forearm. Her wings are elegant shaped and pale yellow with purple lining. They were originally big but later turned smaller by Stella.


Tecna wears a short pink t-shirt which has a pink ribbon on its end. She also wears a small midriff denim-blue jacket with blue buttons. Her jeans are pink denim including a black belt with black beads and some yellow beads dangling. Her necklace is long and black beads with round gold earrings. Her hair is neatly combed and covers her forehead except for a small fringe on the left side of her head which shows her left eyebrow.


Tecna wears a grey top and a dark blue jacket with a yellow collar and yellow buttons. She wears a lilac feather mini-skirt with purple trousers and long grey-blue socks which at the top have black sparkly stripe add lilac ruffles. In her accessories, there is a three-stripe black sparkly necklace, on her wrist there's a thin, simple purple bracelet and she wears a dark blue hat with a yellow ribbon. Her hair is drooped to the left. Her wings are big, blue and moth-shaped with holes in them.


Tecna wears a lilac flowing dress with small purple flowers. Below her chest green thread is in a design which leads to a single green flower on her waist. Her sandals are purple with a purple flower. She wears a light blue headband with a purple flower and a pink flower.

Winter 2

Coming Soon...


Tecna wears a white and black patterned short sleeved dress outlined with blue on the collar, sleeves and skirt. Her gloves are similar to her Enchantix gloves only shorter with a blue bracelet on her left wrist and a gold and red jeweled one on her right wrist and gold rectangle earrings. She wears open toed low heels with a similar pattern of her dress.

Season 7


Coming Soon...

Ladybug Outfit

Coming Soon...

Leopard Outfit

Coming Soon...

Tourist Outfit

Coming Soon...

Time Travel Outfit

Coming Soon...

Retro Outfit

Coming Soon...

Fruit Outfit

Coming Soon...

Dinosaur Outfit

Coming Soon...

Jungle Outfit

Coming Soon...

Medieval Outfit 1

Coming Soon...

Medieval Outfit 2

Coming Soon...

Date Outfit

Coming Soon...

Pajamas Outfit

Coming Soon...

Animal Rescue Park Outfit

Coming Soon...

Zenith Outfit

Coming Soon...

Beach Outfit

Coming Soon...

Paradise Bay Outfit

Coming Soon...

Animal Rescue Park Outfit 2

Coming Soon...

Animal Rescue Park Outfit 3

Coming Soon...

Party Outfit

Coming Soon...

Concert Outfit

Coming Soon...

World of Winx

Season 1

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