This is the page for all of Stella's outfits. She is a fashion fanatic and all her outfits are seen highly fashionable and trendy, but most of them are themed orange.

Season 1

Stella's outfit consists of a light green, halter neck style, tank top which is tied into a bow. Her orange mini skirt has a yellow belt, with yellow circles, attached to it. She also wears a pair of green wedges with orange sunflowers on them. For accessories, she wears a lavender colored headband and sometimes can be seen sporting a green bag with a yellow sunflower embroidered on it.
Civilian #2
Stella has a light green tank top with three yellow oval shaped circles on it. Her mini skirt is dark orange, and has a yellow brooch on top. She wears light green flip-flops on her feet, and a purple headband in her hair.
Civilian #3
Her third Civillian outfit is made up from a dark redish-orange, halter neck style, crop top and light green flowery shorts with a orange bow belt. Her shoes are dark green wedges with orange and yellow sunflowers on top. For her accessories, she wears a yellow bracelet on her ankle and her purple headband.
Princess of Solaria

Original Version

Stella's princess outfit consists of a bright orange crop top and a maxi orange, two tier, skirt. On her head, she wears a silver blue tiara that is very much similar to the design of the Ring of Solaria. Turquoise wings, with sea green tips, protrude from her back.

Nickelodeon Version

In the Nick version, the dress is altered. It is now an orange halter top and skirt with blue ribbons on the shoulders and belly. She wears light blue high heels on her feet. The crown is turned into simple pale blue headband, and the wings are absent.

Dance Formal

Original Version

Stella's formal dress is a dark orange, halter neck style, top with a jewel in the center. The dress also consists of a dark orange skirt and a pale orange under skirt underneath. Her headband is orange, but sometimes it can change to both blue and purple colors depending on the scene. She also wears light blue bracelets on her arms, and a light blue scarf on her neck. Her shoes are not visible.

Comics Version

Stella's formal dress slightly differs in the comics. The dress is a light blue, halter neck style, top with a matching light blue skirt. Stella's accessories consist of a purple headband, and a light blue scarf.

Dance Casual
Her casual dance outfit is a pale white tank top with dark orange mid-length, capri style, trousers with pale orange frills on the end. For accessories, she wears a pink headband, a swirly orange and yellow bracelet, and a green belt with a yellow heart on it. Her shoes are dark green wedges with light green straps.
Stella's explorer outfit is exactly the same as the other Winx girls: a pale yellow jumpsuit with four pockets. She wears a lilac colored short sleeved top underneath. On her feet she has brown boots with pale yellow knee high socks. For accessories she wears a lilac headband, a short green scarf, and a brown belt. Sometimes you can see her wearing a brown hat too.
Stella wears a pale yellow nightgown with matching pale yellow pom-pom slipper wedges when going to sleep.
Miss Magix Preparation Dress #1
Stella wears a red-violet colored, backless, halter top that cuts just above her navel along with a light blue mini skirt. She wears lilac wedge sandals, a lilac belt, a blue cuff bracelet, and a blue headband for accessories.
Miss Magix Preparation Dress #2
Stella wears a midnight blue, single shoulder, mini dress with a pink brooch (attached with a dark blue sash) on the right strap. She wears matching midnight blue heels and a headband.
Miss Magix Preparation Dress #3
For her third outfit, she wears a short sleeved, mint green, top and a frilly, lilac colored, mini skirt. Over the top, she wears a light pink, halter neck, top with two zig zag straps attached at the bottom (quite similar to Stormy's civilian outfit). On her feet she wears lilac high heel wedges, and a lilac headband in her hair.
Miss Magix
Stella's Miss Magix outfit is a light pink, one piece, bodysuit with a transparent darker pink skirt on top. She wears a white brooch with the number six on it, and light pink high heels. Her hair is in a high ponytail, and it decorated with light purple ribbons.
Cowgirl (Miss Magix)
For her performance Stella wears a dark orange, short sleeved, jumper with a dark teal shirt on top. The shirt is tied up in the front, so it exposes her midriff. She also wears dark orange bell-bottoms with a brown belt on top. Her shoes are brown boots with white high heels. On her head she wears a purple headband and sometimes can be seen sporting a brown cowboy style hat.
For her date outfit Stella wears a baby blue, halter neck style, mini dress with a deep blue lining. She also wears a long sleeved, icy blue colored, top underneath. For her accessories, she wears silver heels, a lilac headband, and blue, yellow and red bracelets. 
Stella wears a fuchsia pink mini dress with mint green colored long sleeves and pink cuffs on the end. Her shoes are pale pink wedges with matching mint green pom-poms on them. She wears a purple headband in her hair. 
Domino Suit
Stella's Domino outfit consists of a dark teal jacket with a furry hood along with matching dark teal trousers. She wears knee high, dark black, boots on her feet. Stella also wears a small black belt, yellow googles, and small black gloves.

Season 2

For her camping outfit Stella wears a light pink midriff top with a orange, bikini style, top over it. Her shorts are orange, and her pink sweater is tied around her waist. On her feet, she wears light pink boots with orange heels and purple laces. Her hair accessory is a orange and light purple striped scarf.
Stella's beach outfit is a red, one piece, swimsuit with a yellow circle on the bottom left corner. She wears red flip flops, and a purple headband in her hair.
In her first outfit, Stella wears a dark red corset-style dress with dark purple lines at the hem of the skirt. She wears dark purple boots with matching dark purple gloves and headband.
Witch #2
For her second outfit, Stella has a short sleeved, red, crop top with a pale pink skull on it. She wears a crimson purple skirt with a grey belt across it, along with red, fishnet style, tights. For accessories, she has crimson purple boots, dark red arm sleeves, a grey bracelet, and a grey choker. Her hair is tied up in two pigtails with dark red hair ties.
Witch #3
For her third outfit, Stella has a dark blue, bra style, top on with matching dark blue, skinny jeans. She wears fuschia pink shoes with light purple heels. Her hair is tied in a ponytail with a pink spiky hair tie. Around her neck, Stella wears a spiky pink accessory. 
Back to School
Stella's back to school outfit is a light purple, halter neck style, top with a criss-cross on the front. She wears matching mid-length purple trousers and orange and yellow wedges. For her accessories, she has a red beaded bracelet, earrings, and a belt along with her purple headband.
Dance Formal
Stella's formal dance outfit consists of a pale yellow, halter neck style, dress top and a pale yellow skirt with dark yellow, zigzag, cuts in the material. The dress and skirt are attached together with a dark orange star brooch. Stella wears pale yellow boots on her feet and a pale yellow headband in her hair.

Original Version

Stella's explorer outfit is exactly the same to both Bloom and Aisha's. It consists of a cream khaki, midriff, top and matching cream khaki shorts with pouches. She wears cream khaki boots on her feet. For accessories, Stella has a purple headband, and a blue scarf on.

Nickelodeon Version

Stella's explorer outfit significantly differs in the Nickelodeon version. She now wears a jade-greenish, strapless, jumpsuit with yellow lining on the top. She wears matching boots with light orange socks. She has a orange headband, and a orange scarf on, along with a white wristband.

Red Fountain Concert
Stella's Red Fountain Concert outfit is a pale blue, strapless, tube dress with a frilly skirt. Her shoes are purple heels, and she wears pale blue arm sleeves. Her accessories consist of a pink bow necklace, a purple headband, and a small red bracelet.
Gardenia Outfit
Her look is made up from a one shoulder, frilly, dark orange top with lots of ruffles and a blue star brooch near the shoulder. She wears mid-length, blue, jeans with orange ruffles on the end. For accessories, Stella has a orange circle belt, orange star earrings, a blue headband, and a frilly orange arm sleeve on. Her strap wedges are dark orange.
Stella's ski outfit is a olive green jumpsuit with greenish-yellow pockets and shoulder pads. She wears her light purple headband, and yellow googles for accessories.
Stella's robe is light green with a pale green fur on the top of the robe, on the arm sleeves, and on the hem. She also wears a light purple towel wrapped around her head.
Stella's cloak is long and dark blue in color. It features fringes at the top, and a pale blue diamond brooch.

Season 3

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