Roxy's style seems to mostly revolve around pants and t-shirts, although she will on occasion wear dresses.

Season 4

Image Description
Civilian Roxy has a light sea green, long-sleeved top with a pink, cropped top over it that has a navy blue, paw print on the front. She wears dark green, denim capris with a chain hanging off across her hips and pink and white, lace-up boots.
Cowgirl Her outfit consists of a beige, cowboy hat with a hot pink strip around it, a light green mini-dress with a halter-like collar and a brown, bikini-style chest, and beige hot pants under it. Her boots are dark blue with brown heels. Her gloves are brown with fringe. Her eyes appear as in the original planning stages color - yellow - while in this outfit.
Exercise Roxy's exercise outfit consists of a dark green and light green midriff hoodie, a dark green skirt with short purple leggings, and a pink and purple undershirt. Her shoes are pink and purple with spring green socks. She also wears fingerless gloves in the same colors as her shirt.
Waitress Roxy wears a waitress outfit while working at the Frutti Music Bar; it consists of a white, midriff business shirt with a collar, a navy blue hem, a navy tie, and a navy, lavender pinstripe miniskirt with a magenta belt and gold chain and buttons. Her shoes are navy lace up ankle-boots with thigh-length magenta socks.
Pajamas Roxy's pajamas are a magenta one-piece shorts and shirt, with green trimming and a navy paw print on the front, and green socks.
Explorer Roxy's explorer outfit, used while in the Amazon, is a pale magenta one-piece with shorts, with purple and teal accents and a darker purple belt with light blue spots. Under this she wears a light blue, short sleeved shirt, with purple wristbands and a teal bucket hat. Attached to the one-piece is a teal bag, and she also carries a teal, spring green, magenta, and purple backpack with a teal bedroll. Her shoes are purple sneakers.

Season 7

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