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This is the page for all of Musa's official outfits.

Season 1


Musa wears a red one shoulder top and a pair of blue baggy jeans with plenty of pockets at the sides. She also wears a pair of reddish purple sneakers. Her pigtails are held by red ribbons.

Dance Formal

Musa's dress is a kimono-styled ensemble composed of a pair of flared pants in a fuchsia color with red swirls at the end. The pants are long enough to hide her shoes from sight. Her shirt is inverted of these colors, with it being a red, shoulderless flowy top with large dangle cuffs and fuchsia swirls at the cuffs and hem. The top is belted at the waist with a dark blue obi and gold strings. Her headdress is a red collar connected to the shirt with a fuchsia color on the inside, and pair of red headphones with gold patterns and blue ribbons hanging off.


Musa's day-in-the-swamp outfit is a typical explorer outfit, with khaki shorts and khaki and dark brown lace-up boots with khaki socks. Under the main outfit she wears a magenta top.

Dance Casual

Her informal dance ensemble is a light blue, dark blue, and pink striped midriff tube top, paired with a light blue sweat skirt that is trimmed in pink with a dark blue 'M' on the lower left corner. Her arms are covered with a pair of light blue detached sleeves. Her footwear is a pair of silver, dark blue, and light blue sneakers and a pair of pink socks.


Musa's pajamas are simple; hot pink sweatpants, a powder blue sweatshirt with a light pink trim at the collar and a light pink stripe across the chest, and hot pink flip-flops.

Domino Suit

Musa's Domino suit is similar to the other Winx girls, a dark blue hooded coat with white fur lining, a pair of dark blue pants and a pair of black knee high boots. She also wears a pair of yellow lens goggles.

Season 2

Back to School

Musa's back to school outfit (worn in episodes one and two of the second season) is a short-sleeved, pink and red Cheongsam top with an orange turtleneck under it, a pair of denim capris, and white sneakers worn with pink and orange socks.

Gardenia Disco

While she and Layla were club hopping in Gardenia, she dons a short, dark blue kimono with silver trim, a pink, wrap belt, a pair of light pink tights, a pair of lace-up, navy blue sandals, and a silver headband.

Red Fountain Concert

Musa's outfit for the concert given at Red Fountain is a pair of baggy blue jeans, a yellow and white short-sleeved sports jersey, a red cargo vest, and a yellow stocking cap with a pair of red sneakers.


Musa's ski outfit is like the other Winx girls, a long forest green jacket trimmed with white fluff and pale blue trousers with light green boots.


Musa's swimsuit in Season 2 is an orange strap bikini with powder blue strings and a blue music note on the top right side of it, the bikini is worn presumably with heels.


During Season 2 when the Winx go camping, Musa dons a navy blue and pink midriff top, under a powder blue, navy, and pink vest, a pair of navy short sweatpants with a yellow flower on them and a powder blue and pink trim. Her shoes are navy and powder blue boots with pink laces. She also wears a pink tennis cap.

Formal Dance

Musa's formal dress is a short, red Cheongsam with purple, cherry blossom patterns along the right side. The back of the Cheongsam is longer than the front nearly reaching the back of her knees while the front only to her upper thighs. She wears this with knee-length, red boots with the similar purple, cherry blossom designs along the sides.

Season 3


Musa wears the same civilian outfit during Season 2 and Season 3. The only thing that's change is her hair which grown considerably due to a spell. Musa wears a checkered turquoise long tube top with an orange belt on her hips and teal pants, which include white wrist to elbow sleeves with turquoise cuffs and turquoise sneakers with navy blue soles. Her hair is held bound together by twin tails with two orange hair ties.

Eraklyon Formals

Musa wears a long red dress with a sparkly pink ruffled cape-like thing that wraps around her torso and stretches to the floor all around her, excepting her front. She has a wide dark pink belt with several golden cords connected in the middle by a large, round, blue jewel surrounded by small teardrop shaped jewels with two yellow stars to the upper right, and from this decoration dangles two medium length golden cords with several teardrop-gems dangling at the ends. She carries a matching sparkly red and pink purse in the shape of a Chinese lantern.Her hair is let loose and cascades down her back. She wears an ornate fan-shaped golden hair barrette with purple and white gems at the ends.Musa wears long dangle pink earrings with several tiny blue jewels and a gold necklace with a big purple square gemstone. She also has to gold swirly armbands with two blue jewels each on top.


Musa's Pajamas is a red kimono shirt and pair of red Cheongsam pants with yellow trimming and yellow criss cross ribbons on the side of the sleeves and pants. She wears a pair of light pink and dark pink striped socks and Japanese geta sandals on her feet. Her hair is tied up in pigtails using pink rubber bands.

Dance Class

Musa wears a pink midriff jumper and a kimono like shoulderless shirt over it; red on the top and orange with a white star in the middle, blue and white striped collar, orange straps and a blue bow the bottom left corner. She also has a blue sleeve with pink ribbons around on her right arm, a blue watch on her left, a pair of orange underwear, red track pants with blue edges, blue socks and powder blue ballet flats. Her hair is up in a high pony tail with a pink in the centre and a blue with pink strap tennis cap.

Biker Chick

Musa's biker chick outfit is a yellow jumpsuit with pink trim. She has purple and pink boots and her helmet is yellow and purple with yellow musical notes on it. on her hips there are two big circles with the letter M on it and she also has a music note necklace. 


Musa wears a pink and blue striped midriff jumper with a pink midriff jacket with a striped scarf, and blue soldier lines on it. She dons a matching pink mini-skirt and blue boots. Her hair is in two plaits and she has a blue cap.


Musa's Disco Outfit is a yellow pink striped halter top and purple capris. She wears green heels and pink socks. She also wears a yellow scarf, and green earrings. Her hair is in pigtails.

Season 4


Musa's hair is out and a little similar to Stella's hair style. She wears a bright red shirt with white polka-a-dots and short puff sleeves topping a dark red long sleeved top. She also wears a reddish pink pleated skirt with a dark belt with several hoops, white socks, and red heels with white polka-a-dots.


When playing in the Winx Club band, Musa wears a light pink woolen tank top with a hot pink jacket that has a dark blueish grey stripe across the chest and the cuffs. She also wears a pink and maroon plaid skirt with grey lace trimming, and dark blue grey leggings underneath. For footwear, she wears a pair of wedge heeled lace up boots with light pink trimming on the edges, heels and toes. The boots are laced up with pink ribbons and ends with a bow. She also wears a pair of blueish grey socks with grey laces on the trim. Musa's hair is tied up in two pigtails using thick pink hair ties with white polka dots on them. She also wears silver dangle earrings.

Love and Pet

Musa's Love and Pet outfit is a hot pink, off the shoulder dress of sorts that has cobalt blue straps and a low hanging belt, with boots of the same color. With the boots she wears white socks that have pink edges. Her is held in a low ponytail using a yellow scarf hair tie.


When exercising, she dons red, yellow, blue and pink shorts, (sometimes wearing pink and blue tights with blue knee-pads under these), a red, yellow, and blue short-sleeved jacket vest with a blue and pink top underneath it. She wears finger-less, backless gloves with the same recurring primary colors, and sneakers with the same colors. Musa's hair is pulled into a long, flowing high ponytail, with a soft pink beaded hair tie and messy bangs.


Musa's Cowgirl outfit compiles a light pink midriff top with fringe hanging off, tan and pink decorations on her arms, and a blue bandanna. She also wears blue jeans, with many rips and tears, two belts, and two pockets. Her shoes are tan, heeled cowboy boots, with blue and pink stars, and light blue spurs. Her hair is tied into two braided pigtails, with gold ties at the top and bottom of each.


Musa wears her hair in two, long ponytails and wears a magenta tank with lavender lining. She has loads of yellow pockets on her tank top. She wears a cream belt with a purple buckle and magenta shorts. She has cream and purple legwarmers on with indigo and orange trainers.


Musa wears a pink, white and orange striped tank top with a pale blue apron overall pants over it. She also wears a pair of orange converse with magenta laces and white fronts. Her bangs are parted in the middle swept to the back to be tied with two magenta hair ties into a low braid above her neck.

Frutti Music Bar

Musa's Frutti Music Bar outfit is a red cap with a white front, a pair of red short pants with white stripes on the side, a white tank top with red straps, apple green stripes across the chest and a pair of red shoes. Her purse is cherry themed with gold straps and her hair is tied into two low ponytails at the back of her head.


Musa's Season 4 pajamas are a light blue 3/4 length shirt underneath an off-one-shoulder light pink top with dark pink trim. Her pants are dark pink capris with light blue pockets and a light pink belt. Her hair is pulled back in a bun.


Musa's traveling clothes are a light fuchsia hoodie dress with dark blue trim and a white belt with a blue ribbon in the middle. Underneath she wears a light blue singlet with pink straps, a pair of blue leggings with pink and white circles on the right leg, light fuchsia socks, pink sneakers with light blue soles and light blue loop earrings. Her hair is pulled with fuchsia hair ties into two short pigtails that are curled.


Musa's date outfit is a red dress with ruffles and cap sleeves. Her hair is in a high ponytail. She wears matching red boots with a light blue trim and a matching necklace and bracelet.


Musa's swimsuit in Season 4 is a red bikini top with fuchsia halter-top straps, and a red pair of bikini bottoms with fuchsia ties on each side. With this she wears red high heeled flip-flops. All of her hair is pull back into a ponytail.

Season 5


She has light pink tank top that says "I heart Music" in black letters and long bead necklaces. Overtop she has a cropped red vest. She has dark blue pants that go to her knees and dark indigo boots with red open toed socks silver soles. She has pink detached sleeves on both arms along with some various bracelets. She has her hair down similar to in Season 4, but with a bun in the back and now she also has yellow headphones.


Musa wears a light pink jacket with repetitive pink hearts and blue stripes. The jacket has velvet fur trimming on the collar. She wears this over a midriff baby blue v-neck shirt with light pink fur trim at the collar. Musa also wears a pair of baby blue shorts with light pink fur trim with the top strip of the pants are of similar pattern to the jacket and yellow ribbon in the middle. Her feet dons a pair of baby blue flats and her hair is held up in two loop braids with two ribbons of hair dangling at the each side of her face


She has a cropped purple and red shirt with black writing that says, "DJ PLAY" in black letters. She has a red skirt with a yellow belt overtop light indigo pants and wears sparkly knee-high purple boots with yellow soles. She also has a yellow armband on her left arm and a necklace.


She has a three quarter pale pink dress shirt under a cropped dark purple striped vest. She also has a red tie and a pair of striped purple shorts, thigh high dark blue socks and magenta ankle boots with purple collar and soles. Her hat is magenta with a dark blue strap and a white bow.

Underwater Explorer

She has a red sleeveless cropped jacket with blue pockets Her pants are red and knee-length and she has a maroon belt. She has knee-length dark maroon boots with blue toes. Her hair is in two ponytails and she has a blue armband on her left arm and a red one on her right and a blue fingerless glove on her right hand.


She has a cropped light blue sailor top with red and yellow trim and matching shorts. She has blue and white striped legwarmers and wooden platforms. She has a matching detached sleeve on her left arm and a red bracelet on her right. Her cap is white with red trim. She also has anchor earrings and her hair is in a low ponytail.


She wears a white, tank top under a dark blue top with flowing sleeves and pink shorts with a red belt. She has white leggings underneath and dark blue and white boots with red laces. She also has a red, polka-dotted scarf that is tied in the back. Her hair is in a bun with a red flower in it.


Musa wears a two piece swimsuit similar to the other Winx Club members. However, her swimwear consist of an one off shoulder top with two sides of patterns. The one without a shoulder is hot pink with green trimming while the other with a shoulder is purple and blue striped. Musa's swim shorts is hot pink with purple and green stripes on the sides and a multicolor belt; blue, purple, green with a blue buckle across the top. She wears a pair of blue high flip flop heels and a hot pink flower in the center. Her hair is in a high ponytail with a hot pink flower on the side of her head.


Musa wears a cropped tank with light and dark blue stripes across her chest and light pink on her torso. She also wears a dark pink short sleeve wrap jacket over her tank and long light and dark blue striped detached sleeves on her arms. She has a medium pink tutu skirt with pair of dark pink leg warmers and blue ballet flats. Musa's hair is tied in a low braided bun and her bangs are swept across the right side of her face. She tops it all of with a hot pink frilly headband on her head.

Zenith Snow

Musa's Zenith outfit is a sky blue neck high sweater and a red shawl with pink fur balls and pink fur trim over it. She also wears a pair of red and pink fingerless gloves. She has a red skirt with a blue stripe on the top. Musa also wears a pair of dark blue leggings and pale blue fluffy leg warmers with red ribbons around it and red heel boots with blue soles. She has a pink ushanka hat and her hair is tied in two braided buns on each side of her head. 

Flower Princess

Musa's dress is sleeveless and strapless. The hot pink top of it has a heart-shaped décolleté and has a light pink line in the middle of it in the front. The top goes over the bottom until around mid-tight and is separated in a "v" from the waist until the end of the top, which is covered with light pink flowers all around. The bottom of the dress is light pink with sparkles and has a second light sparkly pink layer underneath which can be seen only at the very bottom of the first layer. The bottom part starts from the beginning of the cut "v" shape of the top and ends at Musa's feet. For her hair, she has a part of it and her bangs in a side ponytail on the right with the rest left lose and two lose strands before her ears.


Musa wears a pink sleeveless jersey with a number 4 on the front. She also has on light pink pants that match her top. Musa also wears pink knee pads along with pink sneakers. Her hair is flat with bangs.

Fashion Show

Musa wears a metallic blue shoulderless thigh high dress with a lime green seaweed like shrawl looped around her upper arm, shoulder and pelvis. She also wears a pair of jade green flower earrings and lime green heels with blue soles. Her hair is up in a 50's beehive hairdo.

Season 6


Musa wears a pale blue collared-top with a hot pink tie under a grey-blue and hot pink striped sweater, also she is sporting a hot pink mini-skirt with grey-blue plaid designs and black suspenders. She is also wearing two pink beaded chokers and dark grey over-the-knee socks with black polka-dots. Her shoes are dark blue heels with white trimming and pink bows on the tips. Her hair is down in the back , but the front portion is tied in two high-pigtails that curl towards the end and her bangs are down.


Musa wears a lime green tank-top with pale yellow frills on the top under a pink untied house coat with hot pink polka-dots and soft blue trimming. Her pajama shorts are pink, pale green, and pale yellow striped with soft blue trimming on the top and soft blue fur trimming on the bottom. Her shoes/socks are hot pink and up to her knees. Her hair is in two braids with her bangs spread out across her forehead.


Musa wears a magenta midriff top with beige straps down the middle, pink straps below her shoulder with beige frills, beige straps, and beige frills at the end of the top. She also wears a long skirt with the first few inches magenta, but the rest is red, pink with beige plaid designs, and magenta boxes. She accessorizes with light blue pearl earrings that ends in a pale blue fan-type jewel with magenta pearls along the bottom, a pale blue gem-like necklace, a brown belt with a whitish-blue circle buckle that has light blue gems inside and outside of it with a beige circle that has pale teal around it with beige gems dangling from it, and a pale blue bracelet with pale yellow gems and pale teal around it. Her shoes are light brown and tan cowgirl boots with magenta bases and heels. Her hair is down in the back with most of the front and a twisted light blue highlight tied in a bun in the back with down bangs.


Musa wears a pink, lime green, dark blue, and gold/orange striped midriff top with royal purple sweat pants that has pink, dark blue and pale green trimming on her left leg(the shorter pant-leg) and a dark blue, soft green, and pink striped waistband with gold hanging suspenders. She also wears purple beaded necklaces, a pale yellow armband on her right arm, and a soft green fingerless glove on the left arm. Her shoes are magenta ankle-boots with laces and gold flaps at the top, also shown on her right leg, she has soft green ankle socks. Her hair is in a high ponytail with the top all spread-out and uneven while her bangs are down and the ponytail is tied with a pink cloth in the shape of a bow.


Musa wears a orange dragging-dress that shows the front of her legs (knee to feet) with deep purple straps around her collar bone that twist around her chest and to her waist, light pink coloring inside, and deep purple scale-like trimming. Her shoes are pale blue heels with straps from her toes to her lower shin and gold jewels decorating it. She also wears gold pearl earrings with raindrop-like jewels dangling from them, pale blue necklaces around her neck (as a choker) and collar bone (like a regular necklace), and two gold necklaces on her left wrist while the larger one has purple gems around it. Her hair is in its Season 5 Civilian form. Her wings are translucent purplish-red with deep purple beads on the trimming.


Musa wears a hot pink ankle-length dress with indigo leopard spots and straps with the left being blue with pink ropes tied in a bow with a light blue tassel hanging down. Her shoes are hot pink open-toe wedges with straps that go in between her big toes with blue beads decorating the strap. She also wears a translucent pink headdress that covers mostly her right side(down to her torso) with baby blue beads wrapped around the top of her head, a tan belt that is tied in the front with blue straps, two blue beaded-bracelets on her right arm, and several gold bangles along with a tan armband below her elbow with blue beads on her left. Her hair is thigh-length with down bangs.


Musa wears a yellow turtleneck tunic with magenta trimming and a magenta belt on her waist, along with light green leggings and yellow knee-socks with a pale blue stripe on the top. She also wears a magenta jacket with light blue fishnets on a large portion of the sleeves that trim with yellow and in a belt form below her chest. Her shoes are magenta boots with yellow soles and yellow fur-balls hanging from the trim. Her head adorns a thick, light pink headband with magenta triangular patterns, along with ear-covers. Her hair is tied in two knee-length braids while her bangs are parted to the right.


Musa wears a pink long-sleeve top with dark pink trimming, along with an olive skirt-piece that has tall straps that reach her shoulders, hazel argyle patterns on the trim and pockets, and puffs out slightly. Her shoes are olive shin-tall boots with pink laces, dark olive soles, and are worn over pink socks. She accessorizes with an olive cap that has a hazel stripe around the base and light blue bows on the sides, an olive ribbon tied around her upper left arm, and three bracelets on her right wrist; one sky blue with studs, one light blue bangle, and one pink bangle. Her hair is knee-length and tied into two low ponytails with dark pink hair-ties.


Musa wears a strapless, gold mini-dress with orange ruffled stripes down the sides, a light orange bow on her chest, and a ruffled tutu with four layers; the top layer is gold, the second layer is orange, the third layer is peach, and the bottom layer is gold and feathery. She also wears translucent, sparkly gold stockings. Her shoes are orange ballet slippers that are tied into a bow on the back. She accessorizes with a gold choker and gold wrist-gloves with light orange ruffled trimming and a light orange bow around the bottom. Her hair is in a braided bun with two chest-length pieces in front of her ears, while her bangs are brushed down. Her temporary wings are pale yellow and angel-like with light purple outlining.


Musa wears a lavender tunic with a sparkly, dark purple corset-like piece around her torso ending in a translucent pale blue piece that is slightly shredded and sparkly, dark purple leggings. She also wears a magenta jacket with gold trimming, extended gold epaulets, and differing lengths in the end of the jacket; the left ends at the waist and the right ends at the midriff. She accessorizes with a small purple hat that has a magenta ribbon around the base, gold triangle earrings, a purple beaded necklace, purple shoulder-to-wrist gloves with gold trimming, and purple over-the-knee socks. Her shoes are magenta high-heeled boots with gold buttons and purple heels. Her hair is thigh-length and brushed down with a portion smoothed back, along with two chest-length pieces in front of her ears and brushed-down bangs. Her wings are translucent magenta with small holes around the trim, also the wings are shaped like large moth wings.


Musa wears a pink tank top underneath her short denim blue cape which has two pink ribbons to her belt secured by the cape's blue bow. She also has a little purple bow below her collar. Her belt is black with a big purple bow on it. She wears blue denim shorts. She also wears a pink choker glove on her right hand. Half her hair is tied up in a bun and the rest let loose to reach below the knees. She also has a fringe dangling. She wears long pink boots that stop below her knees.


Musa wears a pink dress with pink flowers on it along with a blue and yellow belt which has a yellow ribbon on it. She wears gold earrings. Her hair is up to her waist and secured with a pink headband which also has a pink flower on it. She wears pink and blue sandals.

Winter 2

Musa wears a long sleeve blue turtleneck shirt underneath a furry pink blouse. Her skirt is also pink matching her blouse and her white heart blue leggings match her top. She also wears pink mittens on her hands. Musa's hair is separated by her pink heart headband where her front bangs dangle in front of her face, while the rest of her hair is loose behind her back.


Musa wears a cream and black patterned top with long sleeves that stop a her elbow with a yellow collar. Her skirts is cream and black with a broad yellow strip down the center with yellow heels. She wears off white gloves with yellow cuffs and yellow earrings. Her hair is in a low ponytail and her wings are golden yellow with curves.

Season 7


Musa's civilian outfit consists of a violet shirt under a magenta and bubblegum pink coat with a powder pink and black plaid skirt. Her socks are violet with magenta accents and matching shoes. Her hairstyle from season 5 returns except instead of a small bun it is now worn loose and she wears a magenta headband instead of a headset while a navy blue tie with a yellow monogram music note is around her neck.

Ladybug Outfit

Coming Soon...

Leopard Outfit

Coming Soon...

Tourist Outfit

Coming Soon...

Time Travel Outfit

Coming Soon...

Retro Outfit

Musa wears a soft red knee length dress with bubblegum pink sleeves that have magenta cuffs at the elbow. At the hem of the dress powder pink ruffles are there and she wears a matching belt. Her shoes are like in season 4's casual except now they are red and display ruffles along the lining. A knit pink scarf is tied around her neck and held by a maroon bow. Her hair is also styled similar to season four's casual but her bangs are longer and obscures her a pair of white hoop earrings with magenta beads.

Fruit Outfit

Like the other winx her outfit consists of an indigo shirt lined by cherry red beads and a beaded red skirt that resembles a raspberry with matching indigo and red heels. Her hair is like her pajama style in season 5 being braided ponytails but she has an orange slice styled barrette in it.

Dinosaur Outfit

Like the other Winx it's pteradactyl based and in her colors of magenta with lavender accents. When flying the underwings are bubblegum pink.

Jungle Outfit

Coming Soon...

Medieval Outfit 1

Coming Soon...

Medieval Outfit 2

Coming Soon...

Date Outfit

Coming Soon...

Pajamas Outfit

Coming Soon...

Animal Rescue Park Outfit

Coming Soon...

Zenith Outfit

Coming Soon...

Beach Outfit

Coming Soon...

Paradise Bay Outfit

Coming Soon...

Animal Rescue Park Outfit 2

Coming Soon...

Animal Rescue Park Outfit 3

Coming Soon...

Party Outfit

Coming Soon...

Concert Outfit

Coming Soon...

World of Winx

Season 1

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