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This is Aisha's closet. Most of her outfits tend to be sporty and tomboyish, although she also wears skirts often.

Season 2

Civilian Outfit

The outfit we first see Aisha in is a soft pink, sleeveless hoodie with denim capris that have a khaki cuff on the front and soft pink, hiking boots.

Sick Room

When the others take Aisha in to the nurse because she has PWD (Post Winx Depletion) syndrome she is given a cream nightgown with red trimming. In the nickelodeon version, the nightgown is now pink and blue.

Formal Dance

Aisha's formal dance outfit is an aquamarine dress with a dark teal sash that swirls down her arm. With this she wears heels.

Under Realm

The Under Realm outfit is a khaki explorer outfit, with boots to match. Aisha wears hers with a soft pink scarf.

Red Fountain Dance

Aisha's break-dancing outfit is a soft yellow, midriff hoodie with dark pink trim, a pair of baggy, green cargo pants with one leg shorter than the other, and pink sneakers. Also, a pink, knee-high sock is seen on her right leg with a soft yellow ankle-warmer over it.


Aisha, when she, Stella, and Musa go club-hopping on Earth, wears a two-piece navy blue outfit (a midriff, tank top and a mini-skirt, both decorated with silver beads), navy blue leg-warmers, and blue sandals. On her arms she wears navy blue, zebra-striped gloves.


When the club is camping in the Resort Realm, Aisha wears a pink and green tank top, khaki shorts, khaki and pink bands on her arm, a yellow scarf, and pink and khaki hiking boots.


For Season 2, Aisha's pajamas are cream colored, sleeveless long johns with yellow and red striped socks, a blue leg warmer on one leg, and long cream and green colored detached sleeves.


When the Winx go skiing, she dons a khaki and dark green snow suit, faded teal leggings, khaki gloves and boots, and a pair of gold goggles.


Aisha's beach outfit consists of a sea green bikini with yellow lines on the top half and white stripes on the sides of her bottom half. She also wears a pink headband.

Season 3


Aisha wears a soft purple, tank top with a small, blue, spiral logo and white trim along the edges. She also wears a khaki mini-skirt with a gold, square buckle and khaki boots with soft purple leg-warmers over them. Her hair is in its previous season's form.

Eraklyon Formals

Aisha's formal gown in Season 3 is a dark purple, tank top gown with a light purple, bejeweled bodice that spikes onto the long skirt. Underneath the dress, there is a sparkly purple petticoat showing. Around her shoulders she wears a sea green shrug, and she wears dark green heels.

Dance Class

When the Winx take a dance class at Alfea, she dons a light fuchsia, crop turtleneck, a purple, orange, and pink hoodie with the word 'dance' on it, and some dark purple, glittery detached sleeves. Her shorts are khaki green, with a yellow belt and a star with the word 'dance' across it. Her socks are striped like her hoodie, with khaki green boots. Her hair is pulled back into a bun with a pink headband.


Aisha's biker chic outfit is a soft pule midriff jacket, a periwinkle scarf, blue gloves, a pair of soft purple capris, a pair of dark purple boots, and a dark fuchsia helmet with a white A on the front.


Her raincoat is a patchwork of purple, green, pink and yellow, with a solid pink front that features green buttons. The sleeves are short, and she wears white gloves with purple trim. Her rain boots are green with yellow polka dots, and pink soles. The tall socks are mainly green plaid, with white, pink, and yellow stripes, and purple tops on them. She also wears a plaid hat with the same pattern as her coat.


Aisha's Season 3 pajamas consist of a light/dark-purple-colored, light-blue-polka-dotted midriff tank top, boy shorts of the same pattern with a purple headband, and socks of the same repeating colors with purple sandals.


Aisha's disco outfit is a lime green, midriff top with the bottom cut into a point with white trim and a purple 1 on it. Her jacket is light purple with above-the-elbow sleeves, lime green cuffs, and lime green pockets. She wears a lime green skirt with deep purple boots with pink stripes around the top. She also wears a white hat and gold, hoop earrings and her hair is bunched up into puffy pigtails.

Season 4


From top to bottom, Layla/Aisha wears a white headband with lime green and pink designs. She wears a lime green tank top under a pink and white side shirt. Her bottoms are green capris with a pink belt with a pink bow on the side and she wears white ankle socks under a pair of pink sneakers with green straps.

Frutti Music Bar

Her choice of fruit is watermelon, so she has a melon ponytail tie, shirt with a green mid-piece, pink shorts and green-pink heels with a melon purse.


Aisha is the drummer when the girls play at the Frutti Music Bar, and she wears a lime green tank top that has a black star on it, and wrist bracelets in black, silver, and lime green. Her jeans are black, with chains, green plaid belt and pockets, and various rips and tears, some with patches over them. The shoes are green ballet flats, with black and green plaid legwarmers. She also wears a lace fingerless glove on one hand.

Love and Pet

Aisha's Love and Pet uniform consists of a green crop hoodie that has pink fur trimming. Underneath, because her pet is Milly, her pink shirt has carrots on it. With these, she wears soft purple boy shorts with a green waistband and a little bow. Her shoes are pink heels with green socks.


Aisha's Season 4 pajamas are a yellow, orange trimmed tank top, a pair of yellow shorts with orange trim and a fuchsia belt, a yellow headband, a pair of pink socks, and a green crop jacket.


Aisha's painting clothes consist of a blue t-shirt with a pink stripe, a pair of pale green overalls, and presumably blue sneakers, with her hair pulled into a low ponytail bunch.


Aisha's en route ensemble from Season 4 is a dark purple t-shirt with yellow stripes, a pink heart near the hem, a pair of khaki shorts, pale yellow socks, and lime green sneakers.


Aisha's cowgirl ensemble is a bright pink midriff top, an orange vest, a dark green bandanna, and a pink bracelet. Her hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, and her skirt is light blue denim with a green stripe. The boots are green and tan, and shorter than most of the other girls' boots.


Aisha's chosen exercise is to lift weights. Her workout clothes are a purple, green and yellow polka dot shirt with lacing over it, a pair of green capris with gold and purple stripes down the sides, and a pair of light blue, purple, yellow and green sneakers. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail with a hair-tie and bow, the same colors as her outfit.


Aisha's formal, date dress for Season 4 is a periwinkle, off the shoulders ruffly dress, with green trim all around the edges. With this, she wears periwinkle heels and her hair in a high ponytail.


Aisha's explorer outfit, for when facing Diana, is an off one shoulder purple camp top, a pair of khaki shorts with a purple camp pocket, and a pair of purple camp and khaki sneakers with her hair pulled back in a high ponytail.

Season 5


She wears a long sea-green one piece and a purple belt overtop. Underneath she has a pastel blue and white striped shirt with pink trim. Her boots are blue with pink socks underneath. She has a purple and blue striped visor and her hair is in the original form from Season 2-3


She has a light turquoise top and pants with yellow lining and a yellow bathrobe overtop with pink hearts and belt. Her hair is in pigtails with yellow ties.


She has a lavender shirt with puffy sleeves under a dark green striped vest. Her shorts match her vest. Her hat is aqua green with a lavender flower. She has aqua green, ankle boots and knee-length, lavender socks.


She has a dark green, polka-dotted scarf wrapped around her neck and shoulders over a pink dress with a white belt. She also has dark green pants. She wears several bracelets and pink, drop earrings. Her boots are pink and white. Her hair is in two high pigtails with a strand in front of her ears and a dark green bow at the top of her head.


Aisha wears a one shoulder top colored in red and is striped. Her shorts are blue with yellow decorations and she has a red belt. She wears yellow sandals with blue and red straps. Her hat is pale blue with a darker blue strap. Her hair is in a long ponytail with yellow decorations.

Flower Princess

Her skirt is blue with a green translucent layer over top and pale lavender flowers. The dress is off-the-shoulder and bright blue on the torso. She has purple sandals and a side ponytail. Her eyeshadow is sea blue.


Aisha wears a green baseball cap. She has a green tank crop top under an off-the-shoulder purple shirt with wide sleeves and black trim and yellow writing. She has matching shorts and her boots are purple and grey with green lining. Her hair is in a two bunches and has sea blue color hair effects.


Her top is striped green and pink and has a purple flower in the middle, and her shorts are solid green with a purple and pink striped belt. She also has a purple flower in her hair.

Underwater Explorer

She has a green jumpsuit with dark green straps and light blue stripes down her body. She wears turquoise cowgirl boots. Her hair is in a ponytail held with a sea green schrunchie. She also has a dark green sleeve like glove on her left arm.


Aisha's ballet outfit consists of a purple tank top under a cropped turquoise top with pink stripes and a ruffled green skirt. She has long turquoise leg warmers with purple cuffs and her ballet shoes are dark indigo. Her hair is up in two bunches with pink ties.

Zenith Snow

She has a light green jacket with a fuzzy pink collar and pink scarf belt. She wears blue jeans underneath, and green boots over pink socks. She has a pink and green cap and purple earmuffs. Her hair is in a ponytail and she carries a fuzzy dark green purse.

Fashion Show

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Her outfit is similar to the other with a sleeveless pink jersey top with the number 5, matching shorts, knee pads and sneakers.

Season 6


Aisha wears a pink and light pink striped long-sleeved top under a soft pink top which is under a royal blue top with a pale blue collar that has dark blue buttons going down her chest ending in a pink heart and a pale blue pocket-line on her right chest. She also wears a pale blue puffy skirt ending in frills with royal blue bows on her hips and pale blue knee-socks with a dark pink stripe on the top. Her shoes are royal blue pumps. Her hair is down with a light brown piece of hair dangling to her left cheek and another dangling to her right eye and is decorated with a royal blue headband that has three bows on it.


Aisha wears a pink mini-dress with a soft blue "A" on her chest and soft blue trimming that has bows tying up both sides of the front of her dress. She also wears a lime green midriff jacket with pink, lime green, baby blue, and lavender striped sleeves and two green strings are tied at her chest. Her shoes/socks are soft green over-the-knee socks with pink polka-dots and tips. Her hair is shorter and puffier with the front part tied back in a puffy bun and reddish-brown highlights on her bangs which are parted to the right and tied back in the bun.


Aisha wears a red-orange top with beige ruffles along the trim and off-the-shoulder straps, beige block-like patterns on her chest and a beige midriff vest. She also wears a long skirt with pinkish-white, red-orange with beige plaid designs, and reddish-white boxes ending in beige frills. Her accessories include, gold hoop-earrings, a gold choker with soft pink jewels dangling from it, a orange chest-belt with a green hoop-buckle, and two green bracelets with gold jewels on her left arm. Her shoes are light brown cowgirl boots. Her hair is in a high ponytail with her bangs mostly parted to the right and shoulder length (on both sides) and reddish-brown highlights are twisted to the right and wrapped around the top of her head(tying the ponytail).


Aisha wears a soft green tank-top under a pink, soft green, gold, and dark purple striped hoodie with purple sleeves and is tied at her chest. She also wears gold/yellow tights with the right leg longer and is under lavender capris-like sweat pants with a purple belt that has a gold square buckle. She also wears a gold necklace with a square-like pendent, a pink fingerless glove with purple trimming on her left hand, and three purple bracelets on her right arm. Her shoes are purple sneakers with gold accents and accompanied by pink, soft green, gold, and dark blue striped leg-warmers that go up to her knee. Her hair is in its Season 4 form with a purple cloth tied on the left side in the shape of a bow.


Aisha wears a pale yellow dragging-dress with the front of her legs showing (thigh to feet), three purple belts with beads on the front, puffy cross-straps, lavender coloring inside, and puffs on the dress from waist-down. Her shoes are lavender heels with several purple straps that have beads on the front. She also wears purple earrings made of three beads, two lavender beaded necklaces, and four bracelets with one being slightly bigger and are deep purple with baby blue gems around them. Her hair is in a high ponytail with light brown pieces of hair in front of her ears and curled at the end. Her wings are translucent purple with purple beads on the trimming.


Aisha wears a lavender ankle-length dress with two layers: the top having plum leopard spots and petal-like trimming while the bottom is plain, thin straps, translucent purple off-the-shoulder sleeves ending in lavender ties with purple diamonds, a pale pink shirt piece under it, and lavender cross-straps on her chest where the dress-neck extends. Her shoes are pale turquoise open-toe wedges with lavender on the top and pale turquoise laces lacing them up. She also wears a light blue beaded-bracelet along with a tan bracelet with a reddish-brown circle on top and a sand-colored belt with a tan buckle in front that has a teal gem in the middle. Her hair is in a high ponytail with a light brown piece parted to the right and a braid on the right that is tied with a purple hair-tie.


Aisha wears a purple mini-dress with a yellow stripe on the end of the skirt. She covers her dress with a cyan jacket. Her tights are fuchsia with big purple diamonds. She wears light green and yellow leg warmers. Her boots are knee-high and purple. She also wears a headband which has two stripes consisting of purple and yellow. Her hair is in a ponytail.


Aisha wears a pink top which hangs on her right shoulder and over it she wears a light green midriff sweater. She wears light green trouser-capris with a yellow belt. She wears green heels. She also wears a blue necklace, blue bracelet, blue hoops and a blue pin in her hair which is tied into two ponytails.


Aisha wears a strapless, cyan frilly tutu with purple beads on her bodice and down. There is also a bigger purple flower on the center of the bodice. Attached to her tutu are transparent sleeves, which also cover below the neck. She wears transparent cyan tights with sparkles. Her ballet shoes are also cyan and criss-cross. Her hair is help up with a cyan headband with her tendrils hanging. She also has big fake wings; off-white in colour and of elegant shape; which were given to her by Stella. Later Stella turns them smaller.


She wears a blue helmet and skates, as well as knee and elbow pads over her gym outfit


Aisha wears a pink strapless top with a purple stripe at the top. She also wears blue denim capris which has black beads and a purple bow around the waist. Her necklace consists of black beads and a blue pendant. Her shoes are pink. Her hair is tied into two ponytails and also has a pink hair clip in her hair.


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Gothic 2

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Aisha wears a cyan strapless dress which has a purple chiffon fabric around her neck. There are small blue flowers on her dress along with a purple belt with a blue and a pink flower around her waist. There are also two small purple bows on the sides of her dress. She also wears a golden bangle on her right wrist and cyan and purple heels. Her hair is in a ponytail with a cyan headband with a lilac flower on it.


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Winter 2

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Aisha wears a white and black pattered dress with a green collar and green cuffs. There is a green line down the center of her dress to her skirts with several line down her skirt and a black belt with two green pockets and green open toed heels. Her gloves are ghost white and gold bracelets and earning. Her hair is in a bunched up ponytail with curved green wings.

Season 7


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Ladybug Outfit

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Leopard Outfit

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Tourist Outfit

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Time Travel Outfit

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Retro Outfit

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Fruit Outfit

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Dinosaur Outfit

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Jungle Outfit

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Medieval Outfit 1

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Medieval Outfit 2

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Date Outfit

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Pajamas Outfit

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Animal Rescue Park Outfit

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Zenith Outfit

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Beach Outfit

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Paradise Bay Outfit

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Urban Outfit

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Animal Rescue Park Outfit 2

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Animal Rescue Park Outfit 3

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Party Outfit

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Concert Outfit

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World of Winx

Season 1