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Winx Club Episode 505 - The Lilo
The Lilo is a magical plant that appears in the fifth season of Winx Club.


It is a small plant with a dark purplish-blue flower.


Season 5

After the Winx freed the Earth Fairies and used Believix convergence to defeat and freeze the Wizards of the Black Circle solid in Season 4 and restored magic on Earth, the Lilo was going to blossom for the first time there after many centuries. It would bloom at sunset and then lose its magical power.

Faragonda sent the Winx to look for it and gave them the mission to prevent its powers from falling into wrong hands and to plant it before sunset. The Trix, eavesdropping on Faragonda, learned about it. They tried to steal it from Macy, who had recently bought it from Vanessa's flower shop and was being babysat by her elder sister Mitzi, to become more powerful by absorbing its powers but had to fight the Winx. Macy wanted to have the Lilo planted in the Gardenia community garden during the Plantation that was being held there but Mitzi had some shopping to do before. In the Gardenia shopping mall, the Trix attacked Mitzi and Macy to try to get the Lilo but the Winx arrived and a fight between the Winx and the Trix ensued. Mitzi took advantage of the situation to save Macy and bring her to the community garden. On arriving at the garden Macy was about to give the plant to Vanessa to have it planted there when Darcy and Stormy attacked her and took her high up in the air. Macy dropped the Lilo to prevent it from falling in the hands of the Trix and it fell in the middle of the Gardenia community park where it magically planted its own roots in the ground and released its magical energy at sunset. The Trix were able to absorb part of its power but Bloom prevented them from absorbing all of it. However, the Trix were still able to become more powerful but thanks to the people believing in magic the Believix powers of the Winx became stronger and they were able to defeat the Trix.

Magical Abilities

It has the power to make a person become powerful by absorbing its power.


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