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Breath of Nature
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Lenny is an elf from the PopPixie series. Lenny's partner in crime is Wolfgang who is a wolf with special talent for engines. The wolf services the choppers of the gang but gives special attention to Lenny’s chopper.

Personality Profile


Lenny and Wolfgang repairing Ortica


Lenny riding Ortica

He is whacky, loves taking risks for the sake of excitement, reckless and irresponsible. Although he is unpredictable and independent, he is always the first to follow Rex and Maxine in some new raid on Pixieville.

Lenny rides a souped up and very powerful chopper; on his bike called "Ortica", the Elf shows off giving breathtaking exhibitions. Lenny adores challenges and takes on impossible races that he comes out of with a few broken bones but happy.

Relationship with Yucca

Lenny and Yucca

Lenny and Yucca

Main article: Yucca and Lenny



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Magical Abilities

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