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Kyral is a fairy who attends Alfea who is exclusive to the comics. She is Roxy's roommate.


She has orange hair with bangs that is clipped by two blue hairpins, green eyes and fair skin. Other things coming soon...

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Kyral does not like to study and would rather cheat than work hard. She is carefree and does not take things seriously until something bad happens. She is scornful towards the Winx, mocking Bloom while she was advising another fairy.

She appears to have a short attention span and usually does not watch her mouth - like expressing her boredom aloud which lead to the professor to single her out.

Although she takes the easy way out which results in disastrous consequences, she can right them and can admit to her mistakes. It can be assumed that she does not have confidence in herself, like when she looked depressed even though she passed her exam on Elementalogy. But when she does work hard she is able to achieve good marks.


#88: Kyral's Test

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Magical Abilities

Kyral knows basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. She has been shown casting spells and invoking mystical beings through reading mystical texts (on accident). Though her powers were not specified, she is mostly shown using a miniaturization spell which she cast on her bag of books and Barbatea.