Brother Kakophonix is a monk of the Fortress of Light.


He has blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue toga with a grey circle affixed to the strap that has a blue gem inside of it. He has a silver shoulder pad on his right shoulder. He wears silver arm bands, a silver belt, and tan boots with brown detailing. He wields a silver staff. He wears a neclace with an animal tooth on it.


Season 2

In "Up to Their Old Trix," he says that he is very impressed that the inhabitants of the Fortress of Light are so peaceful, yet they were once hardened criminals. Brother Shymel says that he does not understand why the inhabitants of the fortress have so much freedom, and Brother Kakophonix states that the fortress is a place of rehabilitation and that it is not a prison. He insists that peace and meditation is making a difference in thier lives, except for the Trix, who have not made any progress since they arrived. However, Brother Kakophonix believes that no one is beyond redemption.

Later, he says to Brother Shymel that the path to knighthood that they as disciples must follow is long and difficult. Just then, Darkar appears in the sky, prompting Kakophonix to ask where it came from as the clouds are a dimensional wall.

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