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Jessie Hellend is a human exclusive to the Winx Club Comic Series. Her first and only appearance is in Issue 66: The Dispute, where she is a farmhand on her father's farm. She is also an old friend of Flora's.


Jessie is a young girl with a light skin tone, a slim build, long brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is combed back into a ponytail tied by a blue ribbon as a stray hair pokes out from her hairline and is long enough to flow down to her collar bones. She also has six freckles, with three of them on each of her cheeks.

Jessie wears a simple blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up past her elbows and a light brown sleeveless coat over it. She wears a brown belt with a golden belt buckle that holds up her dark blue jeans. She also wears brown cowgirl boots with stars on them and, throughout the beginning of Issue 66, Jessie wears a straw-colored sunhat with a big blue ribbon tied around it.

For sleepwear, Jessie wears a pink nightgown to sleep. Though, when she has to get up, she puts on a blue robe with dark blue accents and matching blue slippers.