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Jason Queen is a Music Producer who resides in Gardenia. He discovers Musa's talent in "The White Circle" and wants to make her a star.


Jason Queen - Civilian
He has dark blue eyes, blonde hair with two thin bangs and has a goatee. His appearance is slightly similar to Ogron and Valtor. He wears a blue necklace that has a grown on it, a blue suit and pants with a v-cut vest and a white shirt underneath it. He wears a white belt with a blue buckle and white shoes.

Jason Queen - Wedding Attire
He is dress in a white and blue suit, light purple stripped vest, a white flower on the left side of his chest and white shoes.


Despite being a music producer, Jason is very kind, modest and a good person. He knows what to say and when to say it, and is a calm person even under Riven's jealous gaze. Jason is also Musa's voice of reason and comforted her when Riven had hurt her, revealing that Jason is very wise and gentle.

He can be oblivious at times, like when he failed to notice Musa's feelings and that he accidentally led her on. However, it seems that he had completely disregarded these because he was already engaged. And even though Musa was heartbroken about it, he comforted her and reminds her that he will help her dreams come true and will always care about her as a friend.


Winx Club Episode - 410

Jason Queen, Musa and Riven in the recording studio

Jason Queen made his first appearance while Musa was performing with Andy's Band at the Frutti Music Bar in episode eight. He noticed her talent and gave his card to Bloom, and told her to give it to Musa, offering to make a demo of her singing. Musa became very excited about this, but this caused major problems with Riven. His jealousy at the recording studio insulted Musa, causing her to break up with him.
Jason Queen Wedding
She makes the comment to Flora that Jason is everything she needs, and it has officially ended between her and Riven. Musa thought that Jason returned her feelings and became devastated upon being asked to sing at his wedding. But despite this, she agreed to it anyway.


  • Jason is so far the only character to have both a first and last name, both in novels and the series.
  • Jason is the first male character to get married.
    • The second one is Thoren.
      • Interestingly, both Jason Queen and Thoren are voiced by Charlie Schlatter in the Nickelodeon dub.

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