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Jim is the main villain of the second season of World of Winx.


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In the past, when a young man named Peter Pan arrived in Neverland and quickly became well liked and admired by every one of the denizens, including Neverland's own queen, Tinkerbell, Jim and his band of pirates saw Peter Pan as nothing more than an arrogant showboat only interested in himself.

At some point, Jim regained his youth through Tinkerbell's magic only to be banished from Neverland to Earth for conspiring against her. However, Jim had stolen a Magic Watch that originally belonged to the Shaman, the Queen's most faithful servant, and would use it to return to Neverland secretly as he continued acting out against her by trying to hamper her plan for kidnapping talented individuals to steal their talents for herself.

World of Winx


Magical Abilities

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  • Jim's voice actor also voices Brafilius from the main series, and for 4Kids, he had voiced Knut and Avalon.
  • "Jim" is a commonly used nickname for the name "James".