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Future Adventures is the sixtieth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


Everyone at Alfea faces a sudden blackout and are soon met by an eccentric professor and his fairy turtle companion from the Earth of the future! With no other way back to his time, the Winx pitch in to build a time machine for Stranizov, however, word of a time machine being built at Alfea spreads fast, and a mischievous trio of witches plan to use it for their own selfish gain. However, during their heist, Darcy accidentally flings her sisters into the future and so, with no one else to turn to, she alerts Headmistress Griffin who, in turn, alerts Faragonda. The Winx must now travel into the future to rescue Icy and Stormy and send Stranizov back to his proper time period before any trouble is caused.


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Spells Used

  • "Irony curvatur sinuos facetur imago seguitur machinum constructur!" - Used by Stella to perfectly create a piece of the time machine.
  • "Power of stormy weather, attack! Winds release and clouds of black!" - Used by Stormy to create powerful whirlwinds.
  • Energy Shield - Used by Tecna to protector Stranizov from a flying tree.
  • Morphix Shield - Used by Aisha to catch the Fairy Pets.
  • "Solar Power to dissolve the storm!" - Used by Stella to blind Stormy and stop her from creating anymore whirlwinds.
  • "Pullets of Ice!" - Used by Icy against Bloom.
  • Dragon Fire and Heat - Used by Bloom to create a small shield to melt Icy's ice pellets.
  • Sound Wave, Power of Sound - Used by Musa to disorient Icy.


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