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Pandora's Box is the fifty-fourth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


The Winx have been sent to Oskuria College as guest professors for Alfea and, unfortunately, the Trix were also sent in Cloud Tower's place. During their stay, the girls befriend a sheepish, bullying victim by the name of Harold, while the Trix find themselves under the attention of Torby and his gang, who try to impress the witches by sneaking them into the basement of the school where a mysterious box lies.


P Box p1

The Winx getting off at their stop.

The story starts off at an old-fashioned train station, where a steam train is pulling up to stop. Once it does, the Winx exit the train, with Stella being the most relieved about it, believing that their train ride had been utterly terrible. Bloom urges for Stella to relax and claims that the kingdom, while old, still holds a certain charm. Stella becomes shocked at the thought of such large trains still existing on Earth and Bloom confirms that they were once the main mode of transport, as she heard from her mother. She further adds that such large trains used to run on steam-power, which was a major source of energy for many years, but Tecna cannot bear to imagine such contraptions running on steam. Bloom then urges for the group to find the exit as they have an appointment to make but, before leaving, Stella takes a moment to say her "good-byes" to the steam train. Just as she turns around to leave, a burst of steam blows past her, lifting up her skirt and grazing her skin, which soon angers the Solarian Princess, who is now under the impression that the train is mocking her. Bloom, once again, urges for the girls to leave and Stella catches up with the group, still looking angrily at the train.

The girls soon exit the train station and find an short old man waiting for them. Upon seeing them, the old man tips his hat and asks if they are the fairies sent from Alfea, to which Bloom confirms. The old man then directs the girls to his horse-drawn carriage as he explains that it will be his responsibility to escort them to Oskuria College, but the very sight of his carriage causes Stella to lament on their "suffering." As the Winx fit themselves into the carriage, Musa specifies the differences between carriages, carts and trains as Stella complains over how she was expecting a much shorter trip. Bloom then reminds Stella that them being sent to Oskuria College is actually a great honor and flashback to earlier that day, where Faragonda explained to them of how Oskuria College is an old wizards' school where the Winx had been chosen to go as pupils representing Alfea.

Faragonda also told the girls of how the boys attending Oskuria are rather serious when it comes to their studies and can be a bit too traditional. She then assured the Winx that they will make a great impression but, before the girls could leave, she informed them of how the kingdom Oskuria is located in is not a big fan of technology, which would force them into using a shuttle for only the first leg of their trip. She then tried to turn such news into a positive as the girls would be getting to see how people got around over 150 years ago.

P Box p5

Oskuria College.

Back in the present, Stella complains about the seats in the carriage being like cement but Flora finds something else to talk about: the view of Oskuria College that they find themselves approaching.

Spells Used

  • Dragon Fire - Used by Bloom to try and defeat the monster in Pandora's box.

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