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An Unforgettable Party is the one-hundred and thirtieth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


A huge celebration is being held on Solaria to honor the day which makes the anniversary of King Radius' ascent to the throne and thus, every monarch and dignitary makes their way to show their respect. However, just as the celebration begins, Radius tries to attack Teredor on sight! After realizing that the king had been put under a trance, the Winx try to stop the sinister sorcerer Celsius but get caught up in his chaos! How can they balance defending innocent bystanders while fighting off monstrous insects and each other?!


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Spells Used


  • When Flora and Aisha uses their spells, their talk bubbles are pointed opposite of one another, causing it to look like Flora is using Aisha's spell and vice versa.



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