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The Magic Exhibition is the one-hundred and twenty-sixth issue of the Winx Club Comic Series.


Recently, Musa has been running late to Daphne's History of Magix class which is rather unlike her as she is always one of the first students to arrive. It turns out that the reason Musa keeps running late is because she had been invited to perform as Alfea's representative at a concert being held by the Golden Auditorium, and she has been putting all her energy into composing the perfect song to perform. Unfortunately, trouble starts to brew in Cloud Tower as the Trix have Selina conjure up a fearsome monster from the Legendarium that would be capable of capturing the Winx and give them the opportunity needed to conquer the Golden Auditorium.



Daphne showing an image of a Fossegrim.

It is yet another normal day at Alfea where Daphne has grown accustomed to her new job as the History of Magix professor. Today, she is teaching her class how immense a force can be created through combining the powers of magic and music, though, one fairy who would excel in this field is running late.

Musa manages to rush into Daphne's classroom just as she is teaching the rest of the students about the Fossegrim: one of the many dangerous magical creatures capable of combining magic and music as the spirit will often use his magic fiddle to break the will of any being unlucky enough to come across him. Naturally, Musa tries to apologize for running so late but Daphne simply assures that it is alright and directs her to her seat so that she may resume her lesson.

As she directs everyone to their textbooks, Flora whispers to Musa to see if everything is alright. Musa claims that everything is more or less okay and, once Daphne's class comes to a close, the rest of the Winx voice their concerns for their friend as she is always one of the first to arrive for Daphne's classes. That is when Musa finally reveals to her friends a golden piece of paper and, when asked, she explains that it is an official summon for an evening concert being held at the Golden Auditorium back on her homeworld of Melody. It so happens that she had been chosen to represent Alfea there and the Winx naturally cheer for their friend, and even volunteer to help her prepare for her big night.

While cheering, Aisha excitedly asks Musa if she has figured out what she will be singing tonight but Musa has not chosen the song she wishes to prepare.

Spells Used

  • Chlorophyll Darts - Used by Flora to break Musa free from the Fossegrim's cage of dark sound.
  • Total Eclipse - Used by Stella to catch Musa.
  • "Climbing Network!" - Used by Flora to snatch the Fossegrim's fiddle.
  • "Let every single drop return to its place! The Princess of Andros commands it!" - Used by Aisha to lower the water level of the lake.
  • Volcanic Attack - Used by Bloom to destroy the Fossegrim's fiddle and render him powerless.
  • Crystal Voice - Used by Musa to defeat the Fossegrim.


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