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Illiris is the Keeper of Solaria's Ocean Gate gate and Stella's bonded selkie.


Illiris has tan skin, purplish blue eyes with pink eye shadows, orange lips and orange body-tail with striped patterns. She wears an orange spiral shell-shaped hat decorated by a pink star. A transparent yellow veil is attached to the hat. She has yellow symbol on her forehead, which consists of a big yellow star, attached with three smaller yellow stars.


According to Stella, Illiris has a great sense of humor, just like her bonded fairy.



3D Form

When Tritannus tried to enter Solaria's gate, he was stopped by Illiris. They had a quick duel of which Tritannus had won thus losing her powers. Later on, Lemmy introduces Illiris to Stella; they both bond,
Stella bond

Stella and Illiris bonding

restoring Illiris' powers. She also briefly appeared in Melody helping Stella.

In The Emperor's Throne, she along with the other Selkies helped the Winx fight Tritannus.

Illiris was also seen along with the other Selkies in Battle for the Infinite Ocean, coming from the portal that was summoned by the Breath of the Ocean.


Illiris makes an appearance of where Omnia was and trying to get away but Tritannus got there in time before she could escape. Herself and the other Selkies were trapped in a stormy barrier, preventing them to not leave it and were cover by something not letting them to speak. Then herself and the Selkies followed to the Winx where the hidden pearl was and stays outside to warn Omnia if Tritannus escaped with the pearl. She was last saw when they danced around in a line then Omnia.


  • Illiris's name is a reference to the word 'illuminated', which is understandable since she is the Keeper of Solarian ocean gate, the planet of sun.

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