Hippocampus is a Pixie Pet who first appears in Season 2.


He has light green skin with green details, amber eyes, and pointy bright orange wings with yellow borders. He wears a light blue ribbon around his neck.



In "The Shadow Phoenix," Bloom chases after him in the Alfea hallways and finds the Magic Archive.

In "The Mysterious Stone," he is seen at Livy's puppet show.

In “Hallowinx!,” he is seen in Alfea’s courtyard as Jolly flies by in card form.

In “The Spy in the Shadows,” a possessed Bloom spooks him as she enters the Magic Archive. He witnesses Bloom wreaking havoc upon the library and becomes distressed as Bloom entraps Concorda in a fire ball. He attempts to flee with the Codex, the item Bloom is after, but Bloom grabs onto it, causing it to be tossed to the floor. Hippocampus races Bloom to the Codex and is successful in retrieving it. He then escapes to an alternate dimension in a book, but is followed by Bloom. Bloom attacks him and retrieves the Codex. They both return to the Magic Archive.


Quest for the Codex