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Helia is Flora's boyfriend and Saladin's grandson (nephew in the 4Kids and Cinélume versions). He is an art student as well as an excellent pilot. He also considers himself to be a pacifist, just like his girlfriend, Flora, despite his great amount of strength.


His appearance is different than the other Specialists, namely his long black hair. He has blue eyes. Like the other Specialists, with the exception of Timmy, he has a well-built body that consists of strong arms and a very muscular torso, as shown in "The Red Tower" in a scene that showed him getting done showering.

It seems he prefers looser clothing. In Season 2, and in a few episodes of Season 3 and Season 4, he wore a light green poet's shirt with beige khakis. In Season 4, he changes to khaki shorts, a light blue shirt, and sneakers. He wears his long, black hair in a loose side ponytail, but in the Season 4, he cuts his hair into short, spiky fringes however it remains longer than the other Specialists.

Helia wears traditional Red Fountain school uniform during missions or normal classes. His clasp on the cape changes its color from magenta to orange.

This outfit sports a cape and has more layers than Helia's Red Fountain uniform particularly in the areas of the shoulders, chest, forearms and legs. It is mostly colored in shades of blue. The outfit's shoulder pads are extended further outward and contain an orange diamond-shaped gem in the middle of the chest.

He wears a dark blue vest with a red rose near the left chest. His cravat is dark blue.


Out of all the Specialists, Helia is the most mature. Once being described by Brandon as being a pacifist, he loves writing poems, drawing, and romance. He is calm and does not have a temper, he is also very encouraging and he will never get jealous. He is very artistic and he is not afraid of making important decisions and doing what is right, even if his friends disagree with him. He is very daring at times, such as the time he kissed Flora in Darkar's Realm. Helia is also not afraid to voice his thoughts, as shown in Season 3 when he berated Riven for his behavior and if he continues he will lose Musa, and in Season 4, when he acts as a medium, like Nabu, between Sky and Bloom, or Musa and Riven. Another example, was when Diana allowed nature to terrorize the citizens of Gardenia, as punishment for destroying nature, Helia tries in vain to explain that not all humans disrespect nature and that destruction is not the answer.

Like Flora (and Timmy, though to a lesser extent), Helia is also rather shy. This can be seen when he had just as much trouble expressing his feelings for Flora as she did.

He also has a lot of faith and belief in Flora, persuading her to trust herself such as when she tried to heal the Flower of Life, and when she tried to free herself from the roots cast by Diana. He also openly expresses his strong belief in her for example when she wrapped Anagan up in vines he stated proudly, "Flora's magic is really strong, he's not getting out of that anytime soon."

Like Nabu, Helia is very open-minded and understanding, and therefore, he does not jump to conclusions. This can be seen when Riven got jealous of Musa getting attention from Andy and his band, when in fact their love for music  installed a great bond between them, which is only natural.

Winx Club


Sometime during his childhood, Helia befriended Krystal, the Princess of Linphea.

Once he was old enough, Helia began attending the Red Fountain School for Specialists for a short while until he decided to drop out to pursue his passion for the arts. He attended an art school for about a year before making his return to Red Fountain during the events of Season 2.


Helia (S2-3)

Helia's first appearance

In "Party Crasher", he is introduced to the Winx. Brandon notes that he is a pacifist, and used to be one of the top students at Red Fountain until he dropped out to pursue the arts. Timmy reveals that he is Saladin's nephew. Overall, he appears to be very quiet and a very good artist. Later on in the episode, when Lord Darkar sends a huge monster to attack Red Fountain, Flora is blindsided by the monster and about to be attacked, Helia saves her by holding back the monster with the strings from his glove. He smiles at Flora and lets go of the monster, angering the Winx.

Throughout the season, Helia has had a minor role, yet he appears a couple times in episodes. In The Invisible Pixies, Flora sees Helia but fails to give him a love letter.

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Helia in Season 2

During the camping trip, Helia arrives just in time to save the Winx and the Specialists from the Trix. As the group claims that the vacation was over, Helia jokes around saying he just got there.

In the episode The Time for Truth, Helia and Flora confess that they like each other. He blows her a kiss before departure.

At the end of the season, before the Winx enter the fortress to save Bloom, Flora apologizes for not telling her feelings sooner, and in return, Helia boldly kisses Flora.

Helia in Season 3
Helia does not appear much throughout the season, although, he does go on the mission to the Omega Dimension to rescue Tecna. Helia also helps the others take the Flying Bikers' bikes, thus helping the Winx stop King Radius's wedding. He also was the only Specialist to report back to the Winx after Valtor attacked the rest of the Specialists.


Helia's appearance as of Season 4, Episode 6

Helia, along with the other Specialists, go to Earth to help the Winx Club. His new look consists of the original outfit but with his hair changed it into a rag-cut. This change in appearance does not happen until a few episodes after the Love and Pet episode. He also helps Riven get Musa back.

In Return to Alfea When the Specialists visit the Winx at Alfea, Helia gives Flora a special origami. However, they are interrupted when Princess Krystal of Linphea appears. It is revealed that she and Helia were childhood friends. Krystal clings onto Helia's arm and mentions that they need to catch up, which upsets Flora. Helia later gets hit by Darcy. Krystal and Flora take him into the hallway and Krystal uses her healing powers to help him.

Flora & Helia S5 BelievixinStella

Helia giving Flora the origami.

Helia makes a few cameo appearances and appears in a few episodes like Trix Tricks, The Devourer, and A Perfect Date but does not have a major role until Listen to Your Heart.

He was watching the Winx (minus Bloom) in a Volleyball game. When they lost, Helia was about to go and speak to Flora but was interrupted by Krystal who came up and hugged him. However, unknown to either of them, Flora saw them together. Upon seeing Helia and Krystal it made Flora even more upset, causing her to leave. Helia congratulated Krystal, but revealed he needed to speak with Flora, but became disappointed when he discovered she was gone. Later as Sky was attempting to leave Eraklyon for the game at Alfea, Helia called Sky, informing him he missed it. During that time, Helia offered Sky advice towards his relationship with Bloom, informing him, he should talk to Bloom as soon as possible, knowing he needed to do the same with Flora as their relationship was being threatened by Krystal's interference.

He then appeared at Stella's Fashion show, where he along with the other Specialists were helping Riven perform a song for Musa and appeared again helping to defend Paradise Bay.


Helia dancing with Flora

Helia had another major role in Battle for the Infinite Ocean. Flora was shown to be very hurt as she is still upset about the relationship between Helia and Krystal as Flora has begun to believe that Helia no longer wants to be with her and instead wishes to be with Krystal. At Alfea, Krystal apologized to Flora, revealing she never intended to come between them and tried to assure Flora that Helia truly loves her. Sadly, Flora wasn't convinced as she began to doubt their relationship. Eventually, during a ballet in the Alfea Dance Studio, Helia surprised Flora as he released many living origami birds he created. Helia and Flora shared a heartwarming hug, where Helia revealed to Flora that she's the only one he loves and they share a romantic dance together around the studio, causing Flora and Helia to levitate, both dancing on air, having finally reconciled.


The Shadow Phoenix


Helia on Nick

He appeared when the Winx visit Red Fountain and was seen drawing a flower. Flora soon develops a crush on him and wrote his name on her book. Helia also seems to like her and draws a portrait of her. Because of that, Flora does not consent in potion class after dreaming about being married to Helia. He also appeared with the Winx and Specialists to save Bloom from Darkar's ritual.


Helia joins the rest of the Specialists and the Winx help Bloom to find her parents. He and the Specialists do not have a big part in the movie and mainly serve to help the Winx girls.

Helia plays a minor role in this movie as he helps the Winx and Specialists save the positive energy that the Trix destroyed. He and the others successfully defeat the Ancestral Witches and the Trix.



One notable difference in Helia's past is revealed in Issue 110 where he and Flora first met as children in the Shimmering Flowers Valley on Linphea. Shortly afterwards, the two became friends and would often play hide-and-seek amongst the giant flowers of the Valley. Helia proved to be a skillful hider as, during their games, Flora would often believe that he left her so, to ease her of her worries and remind her that he was always with her, Helia would jump out of his hiding place to hug her.

The rest of his past concerning Red Fountain follows up with the animated series.


Helia is first made mention of in Monsters on the Loose by Chatta, Flora's bonded pixie, as the handsome new Specialist that Flora had fallen for.

Helia's Invitation

Helia inviting Flora out for a walk by the pier.

He then makes his physical debut in the following issue approaching Bloom and Flora by the pier. Shortly after Bloom leaves to give her friend some alone time with her crush, Helia approaches Flora and invites her out for a walk around the pier. Flora is able to guess his offer before he finishes making it, and the two go on to start up their walk once Flora agrees to it, during which Helia claims that "beautiful day had just gotten better."

Before he and Flora end up alone together, the pair bump into Brandon and Stella returning from their jog around the lake. After making sure that Stella is alright, Flora goes on to invite Helia to the get-together on the beach they have planned that evening, to which Helia gladly accepts and meets her there with everyone else.

Helia is not seen or mentioned again until halfway into the issue, just after the Winx realize that some kind of sickness has been spread around Magix to keep people from recalling basic memories. As such, Flora begins to panic when she cannot even remember what Helia's face looks like when asked.

He is mentioned again by Flora in Issue 21 as rumors of Belizarius trying to get Griffin and her students to work under him reach Alfea. This prompts Flora to worry over Helia as he once mentioned to her of how the all the Red Fountain Specialists were mobilized in response to Belizarius. Unfortunately for her, she had not been able to contact Helia since then.

Shaab Stone p18

Helia spying on Belizarius and his men.

Unbeknownst to her, however, is that Helia had been spending his time spying on and gathering intel on Belizarius and his plans. In fact, that night, Helia learns of Belizarius' plans to acquire the fabled Shaab Stone somewhere within the Enclosed Territory.

Once he sees Belizarius' men mobilize, Helia leaves for Red Fountain undetected to inform Faragonda, Griffin, Codatorta and Saladin of his findings. Upon learning this, the three headmasters and Codatorta organize a full-scale opposition against Belizarius' mercenaries using all their students and faculty with Helia acting as commander of his group. Helia tries to propose that they find someone else more suitable for the job but, when Saladin tells him to believe in himself as he believes his skills have proved his worth, Helia accepts the role as commander, promising to do his best at any cost.

By morning, Helia and his squad stop by Alfea to pick up the Winx to join the search for shuttles belonging to Belizarius' men. As everyone boards the ship, Helia greets Flora and is surprised when she bumps into him. The two of them fumble in trying to make sure the other is alright until Riven comes by to urge Helia into having the shuttle take off.

As Helia walks around to make sure preparations are complete, Sky and Riven fill the girls in on Helia's position as group commander, but Riven seems to be inviting trouble with all the accusations he makes of Helia only being awarded his position due to his familial ties to Saladin.

Soon enough, Helia has Timmy pilot the shuttle away from Alfea and towards the Enclosed Territory, where the group searches for any signs of unknown shuttles to no avail. When nothing else works and Timmy proposes they fly higher, Helia advises against it as it would give their position away to the mercenaries Belizarius hired and proposes that they change up their strategy by finding the Shaab Stone ahead of them.


Helia has a certain amount of strength as evidenced by the time he was able to single handily hold off a Leodragerus with his string glove on one hand. Further evidence is shown when he struggles to pull Sky's damaged fighter craft Red Wing into the hanger of the flying ship without being held down to anything.

In the "The Shaab Stone" arc in the monthly magazines, Helia is shown as a proficient double agent, capable of investigating real fights to fake an alibi, faking an expulsion from Red Fountain and lying to everyone, even Flora, to break into Alfea's administration to steal documents to trick a crime boss into opening the vault holding the Shaab Stone, from which he can steal. He lies with a heavy heart though and reveals all the deceptions, hoping that he can start anew with Flora. He is skilled in martial arts and espionage.

Helia is never shown riding a levi-bike until Season 5. Some would say that he is shy, but that is only due to his lack of major speaking parts or involvement to the plot in Season 2 and Season 3.


  • Helia is a Greek female name meaning Sun.
    • Helia is also the name of one of the Heliades, the daughters of the Greek Sun God, Helios.
    • It should also be noted that the name Helia(Ηλία) is a feminine name in Greek; its masculine Greek form would be Helios (Ἥλιος), who is the "God of the Sun" and has the same meaning (Sun). Its masculine forms in Spanish and in Portuguese would respectively be "Helios" and "Hélio," which are used as Helia's name in one of the South American dubs where the use of Roman Languages is dominant and the feminine/masculine role plays a large part in language.
  • He is also the only Specialist with a feminine name.
    • This could hint at the possibility of Helia originally being planned to be a girl (referring also to his long, blue hair) but was probably changed to a boy so Flora could have a boyfriend.
    • Helia's somewhat feminine appearance could also be a nod to bishōnen: a character trope typically found in anime where young men with somewhat feminine or androgynous features appear more attractive.
  • Helia's laser cable gauntlets are similar to the weapon used by the character Walter C. Dornez from the series Hellsing.
  • In The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, his hair color changed from black to gray.
    • In Season 4, though, his hair color returned to being black. 
  • In Magical Adventure, Helia regains his original hairstyle from the second and third seasons, despite the fact that he gets his haircut in Episode 6 of Season 4, shortly before the girls earned their Believix at the end of the same episode.
  • His name in the Latin American dub was changed to Helio.
  • It is strongly suggested that Helia originated from Linphea.
    • InThe Magical Valley of Linphea, Flora tells her little sister, Miele of how she and Helia used to play together in the flower fields on Linphea when they were children.
      • There is however, a bit of a plot hole with this fact as Brandon had to formally introduce Helia to Flora in Season 2. They appeared to not have known each other beforehand, or they could have acknowledged this off camera.
  • Helia is the only Specialist to go inside the Legendarium World.
  • Helia and Sky are the only Specialists to change their hairstyles.
  • Brandon mentions in Season 2 that Helia is a pacifist, which is a person who, in principle, rejects the war, which is ironic already as Red Fountain acts as a military school. In fact, he never hurts his opponents, but always keeps them with his laser string glove.