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Helia is Flora's boyfriend and Saladin's grandson (nephew in the 4Kids and Cinélume versions). He is an art student as well as an excellent pilot and shows great strength. He is a pacifist, just like his girlfriend, Flora.


His appearance is different than the other Specialists, namely his long black hair. He has blue eyes. Like the other Specialists, with the exception of Timmy, he has a well-built body that consists of strong arms and a very muscular torso, as shown in "The Red Tower" in a scene that showed him getting done showering.

It seems he prefers looser clothing. In Season 2, and in a few episodes of Season 3 and Season 4, he wore a light green poet's shirt with beige khakis. In Season 4, he changes to khaki shorts, a light blue shirt, and sneakers. He wears his long, black hair in a loose side ponytail, but in the Season 4, he cuts his hair into short, spiky fringes however it remains longer than the other Specialists.

Helia wears traditional Red Fountain school uniform during missions or normal classes. His clasp on the cape changes its color from magenta to orange.

This outfit sports a cape and has more layers than Helia's Red Fountain uniform particularly in the areas of the shoulders, chest, forearms and legs. It is mostly colored in shades of blue. The outfit's shoulder pads are extended further outward and contain an orange diamond-shaped gem in the middle of the chest.

He wears a dark blue vest with a red rose near the left chest. His cravat is dark blue.


Out of all the Specialists, Helia is the most mature. Once being described by Brandon as being a pacifist, he loves writing poems, drawing, and romance. He is calm and does not have a temper, he is also very encouraging and he will never get jealous. He is very artistic and he is not afraid of making important decisions and doing what is right, even if his friends disagree with him. He is very daring at times, such as the time he kissed Flora in Darkar's Realm. Helia is also not afraid to voice his thoughts, as shown in Season 3 when he berated Riven for his behavior and if he continues he will lose Musa, and in Season 4, when he acts as a medium, like Nabu, between Sky and Bloom, or Musa and Riven. Another example, was when Diana allowed nature to terrorize the citizens of Gardenia, as punishment for destroying nature, Helia tries in vain to explain that not all humans disrespect nature and that destruction is not the answer.

Like Flora (and Timmy, though to a lesser extent), Helia is also rather shy. This can be seen when he had just as much trouble expressing his feelings for Flora as she did.

He also has much faith and belief in Flora, persuading her to trust herself such as when she tried to heal the Flower of Life, and when she tried to free herself from the roots cast by Diana. He also openly expresses his strong belief in her for example when she wrapped Anagan up in vines he stated proudly, "Flora's magic is really strong, he's not getting out of that anytime soon."

Like Nabu, Helia is very open-minded and understanding, and therefore, he does not jump to conclusions. This can be seen when Riven got jealous of Musa getting attention from Andy and his band, when in fact their love for music  installed a great bond between them, which is only natural.



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