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Sir Helfred is a comic-exclusive character. He is a member of the Knights of the Star and was the first to join, and is King Thorgal's most trusted knight. He later becomes a love interest for Lorelle, the kingdom's lady-in-waiting.


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Helfred is an extremely loyal and noble man. He is caring and does not take bullying lightly, especially towards the less priviliged ones. He is also rather outspoken, hardworking and quite the joker. He even playfully flirted with Stella. 

Helfred is persistent, seeing as he gets right back on the horse he had fallen off of.


#48: The Knights of the Star

Helfred, Sky, Thorgal - I48

Helfred tells the king he would gladly serve him.

Helfred was stationed in the large, newly built room for the Knights of the Star. The ones who will be tasked with keeping civilians safe. The king, King Thorgal, was worried that no one would loyally serve him and carry out the task. Helfred begged to differ and voiced his opinion, saying that he will most definitely serve his king with great honor and courage.

This gives Bloom an idea - regardless of social class, all are permitted to volunteer for knighthood. Helfred is then told by the king to go find his friends and begin their training.

KotS p36

Helfred wearing his knight armor, ready to be knighted.

He and the new recruits are then trained by the Specialists on combat, defensive, weapon usage, horseriding, as well as working on to build endurance and strength. He is then clothed in armor and returned a playful, flirty comment to Stella. When Brandon was jokingly jealous, Helfred says that he was merely joking as his heart belongs to someone else but according to him, she is out of his league. He solemnly gazes at the balcony where his queen and Lady Lorelle are watching.

KotS p43

Helfred is officially knighted.

Just then, someone enters the training ground and decree that the a noble son challenges Helfred for a duel. Helfred accepts that challenge and they begin the duel. They charge, but Helfred sees many horsemen attacking him and he narrowly blocks an incoming attack. Stella and Bloom rushes to him to see if he is alright; he then explains that he saw more than one opponent. Stella realizes his helmet may have been affected by a spell. She checks the helmet and it confirms her suspicions. The Winx then dispel the spell and Helfred is able to win the battle fair and square.

He is then officially knighted by King Thorgal.

#49: Love Betrayed

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