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Havram is a city found on planet Eraklyon. It is a city found in the middle of the sea and was once the most wonderful city of Eraklyon.


Bloom and Sky Avram
Ship they used to get to avram
When the Ancestral Witches found out that Erendor, the King of Eraklyon, had an alliance with Oritel, the King of Domino according to which he would protect Domino while the Company of Light would be fighting the Ancestresses, they destroyed Havram to scare Erendor by showing him how powerful they were. They told him that they would spare all the other cities of Eraklyon if he let them attack Domino. Erendor then betrayed Oritel by striking a deal with the Ancestresses in which he engaged himself not to defend Domino against the Witches while in return they gave him a magical hourglass containing pollen from the Tree of Life which would protect his kingdom from the Evil which would be unleashed on the Magic Dimension when Domino would be destroyed. Since then the Ancestral Witches' dark magic consumed Havram and lost spirits roamed freely across its streets.

Consumed by the guilt of his betrayal, Erendor returned often to Havram, where he ended by breaking the hourglass the Witches gave him. The pollen from inside it gave birth to a sapling of the tree of Life.


Winx Club bloom vs icy

In the second movie, the Winx and the Specialists go to Havram to find the sapling so as to restore the Good Magic of the Magic Dimension after the Trix made the Dark side of the Tree of Life take over its Good side. Only that sapling could restore the Good magic in the Universe. They had to go by a flying boat since due to the Dark magic present in the city nothing works normally there, not even technology, and they were attacked by clones of themselves on their boat which were created from that Dark magic. On arriving there, the Winx and the Specialists had to fight the Trix and the Ancestresses without their powers till Oritel arrived to help them. Bloom and Sky found the sapling, which was hit by an attack of Icy, in turn causing it to restore all the Good Magic. The Winx defeat and destroy the Ancestresses there, and by the end of the movie Havram becomes a wonderful city full of life again due to the Good Magic returning again to the Magical Universe.


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