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Voiced by
Rodolfo Bianchi (Original/Italian)
Maurizio Fiorini (Movie 1's trailer) (Cinélume)
Victor Brandt (Nickelodeon)
Powers and Abilities
Making indestructible swords

Hagen is the master builder of indestructible swords. His character is proud and hardened by grief at the disappearance of the friends of the Company of Light. After that event, for centuries he has been locked up in a castle far away from the world, without contact with civilization. He is wise, severe, very strong and courageous even if in the first instance appears to be almost evil. He's the headmaster of the blacksmiths college in Hoggar.


The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

He is shown in this movie, where Bloom claims he made her father's sword. Bloom thought that Hagen would be able to help her find her father since Hagen could always sense the swords he made. Hagen regretfully told her that he'd tried using his ability to find Oritel for a long time, but gave up in despair.

He has a little crush on Faragonda and tried to help her walk after she hurts her leg.

He has returned to Hoggar after the events of this movie, since he does not appear until Season 6.

Season 6

In the Legendary Duel, Hagen was seen been attacked by the Trix.


Coming soon...


Hagen seems evil at first sight, but he has a soft side. He is very wise and strong and does not give up easily as shown when he tried to find Oritel. He prefers to be alone as shown in the first movie, where he lives in a secluded area. He is also very rough. He has a minor crush on Faragonda and is specially nice to her.


Voice Actors

  • Latin America: Rubén León


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