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Griselda is the Head of Discipline at Alfea. She teaches self-defense.


Griselda is a brunette, with straight hair in a short, sharp hairstyle and sharp glasses to match. She often wears a navy blue, smoky blue, or red sailor-type dress.


Griselda is the assistant headmistress and head of discipline at Alfea; as such, she is very gruff and strict towards students, but is generally kind to all the fairies at the school as she is shown to care immensely for them. She also has a deep faith in the Alfea fairies as it was seen during one of the Trix's attacks on the school and she told them that "fairies do not fear witches".


Griselda used to study at Alfea when she was young.





Magical Abilities

As the teacher of self defense, Griselda is well-versed in defense magic.

Uses of Magic

  • Air Roll-ups: clears away the smoke after the Winx left the kitchen unattended. Used in Season 1 Episode 5.
  • Barrier Absorb: absorbs attacks, and was used against Stella's Sunup Attack in Season 2 Episode 10.
  • Reflect Shield: this spell reflects the opponent's attack, it was used against Stella's Full Power Sundown in Season 2 Episode 10.
  • Fer Midex: a shield that blocks and holds attacks, used against Tecna, Flora and Amaryl's attacks. Used in Season 2 Episode 10.
    Fer Midex

    Fer Midex

  • Enversio Cinosmab: absorbs attack, cancelled Musa's soundwave. Used in Season 2 Episode 10.
  • Raivus Sombnus: a spell used alongside Faragonda to put the delinquents to sleep. Used in Season 2 Episode 13.
  • Fire Extinguish: this was used to try and extinguish the fire set ablaze on the forest surrounding Alfea by Valtor but failed. Used in Season 3 Episode 25.


  • The name "Griselda" is of German origin and means "dark battle".
  • Even though she is a minor character, she has appeared in every season and movie so far.
  • It is unknown how Griselda is not as old as Faragonda as both were seen at Alfea when Faragonda was only a student.

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