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Gloomix is a power-up introduced in Season 2.

  • Previous Transformation: Witch
  • Next Transformation: Disenchantix


In order for the Trix to be able to defend themselves during their escape of the Fortress of Light, Darkar bestowed Gloomix upon them, restoring their powers and giving them a boost. It is magically opposed to Charmix.


Gloomix takes the form of a glowing necklace or wrist cuff with a single gem on the end that assume the respective shades of the wearer. In “The Phoenix Revealed,” when Darkar betrays the Trix and sends them to Oblivion, they merge together into the Mega Trix and two more Gloomix jewelry pieces can be seen on them: a yellow hip adornment and two yellow leg bracelets.

Magical Abilities

Gloomix increases the magic power of its user.

Known Gloomix Witches





  • The name "Gloomix" comes from the word "gloom", which means darkness, dimness, or obscurity.
  • Gloomix is only named in the 4Kids dub. However, there are two spells in the Cinélume dub, Gloomix Icy Polar Ghost and Gloomix Perfect Storm, that contain the word "Gloomix" in them. It is unknown if this is a coincidence.
  • So far, Gloomix and Disenchantix are the only witch powers/levels that are named. However, they are only named in the 4Kids dub.

Transformation Sequences

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