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This article is about a character from the Winx Club series. You may be looking for the character from the PopPixie series.
Glim is the Pixie of Fireflies and, like Piff, is still a baby. She has a nickname, Blinky.


Screen shot 2012-11-24 at 5.51.30 AM

Livy and Glim!

Glim is a baby just like Piff and like Piff could not talk when she was introduced. It was revealed midway through the first movie that she had shown the ability of speech therefore suggesting that she may be older than Piff.



Glim wears a dark orange hat with two light orange puffs with a string on the end. She wears a puffy yellow striped orange jumpsuit. She has orange eyes and orange lashes. Glim has wings that look like orange fan-like bugs.


Winx Club

Season 2

Glim actually plays a substantial part in the second season as the pixies gain an introductory role in the way they are saved by Aisha and eventually adopted by each of the Winx Club.

Season 3

When the pixies are fighting the Trix, Stormy gets a hold of Glim and squeezes her. A burst of orange energy goes into Stormy's eyes and it stings. Her biggest contribution to a fight is seen when she managed to blind the Trix with her pixie dust.

Season 6

Glim makes a cameo in "The Legendarium", when the Pixie Village is attacked by the Gloomy Wood Trolls.

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