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Glam Magic Collection
Glam Magic is a doll line created by Mattel in 2006 featuring the six Winx girls in their Enchantix transformation. The doll line also includes the Glam Magic Dressing Room playset.


Glam Magic Dolls

The fairies are transformed with a new fabulous look! 2 sets of wings! Collect.

Glam Magic Dressing Room

Every fairy needs the perfect dressing room after a long day of doing good deeds! The coolest place for the girls to hang out and get ready is the Winx Club Glam Magic Dressing Room. Comes with a mirror and a throne that transforms into a vanity dressing table. Comes with Bloom of Winx Club doll in her enchanted fairy outfit with wings and lots of detailed accessories, purses, shoes and jewelry. Ages 4 and up.


Glam Magic Dolls

  • 1 doll with fashion
  • 1 pair of shoes and arm glove
  • 2 pairs of wings
  • 1 mirror and comb
  • 1 bag

Glam Magic Dressing Room

  • 1 enchanting pink three panels mirror with anastigmat design
  • 1 purple chair with leopard print cushion
  • Pink and purple shelves
  • 1 purple stand for the wings
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 2 pairs of bags
  • 3 necklaces
  • 1 comb
  • 5 beauty products




Winx Club Glam Magic Dolls commercial00:22

Winx Club Glam Magic Dolls commercial.

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