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The Gifts of Destiny are special powers that are given to the Winx to evolve their Believix powers to a higher level so they could face the dangers they must face. There are three Ethereal Fairies and each one of them gave the Winx a specific Gift.


  • Sophix, the Gift of Wisdom, merges the emotional and instinctual energies of the user with their Believix energy to give them complete harmony with nature. It stays in the shape of a white flower with green leaves, which resembles Diana's source of energy. The Blue Fairy gave this gift to them.
  • Lovix, the Gift of Heart, inspires the user enough courage to face a great danger they must face. It stays in the shape of a snowy light blue heart. The Green Fairy gave this give to them.
  • The Gift of Darkness is the most dangerous, yet beautiful gift among the three because it may revive anything from the dead. It stays in the shape of a round purplish black ball with lightnings surrounding around it. This gift can be summoned and be used only once. The Orange Fairy gave this to them.


  • In the Nickelodeon version, the Ethereal Fairies told the Winx that it was their destiny to defend Earth and that, as Ethereal Fairies, they were destined to help the Winx in their mission on Earth.


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