This forum is where regular users can request to become a rollback.

What a rollback is

A rollback is a user that is able to revert ANY edit using the (rollback) button.

Current Rollbacks

  • WinxForever7000
  • Delix club
  • Thomasfan502
  • Anon3610

How to become a rollback

On this page, users can request to be a rollback. Please consider everything carefully before making your request.


  • A clean profile on the Wikia: A clean profile means you have not been blocked for serious reason, have not vandalized any pages and are not known for being a bad person.
  • A big responsibility: A user with big responsibility means they have edited 100 mainspace edits (not including talk, blog, template or forum edits) and they are kind, undo loads of edits, etc.
  • A clear reason why: A user should state why they want to be a rollback, and what they have done to deserve the position.
  • Have edited recently: A good user would edit from time to time and reply to messages quickly.


  • Follow all of the above requirements.
  • No "Friendship Promotions".
  • No "Wikia Dictatorship".
  • Only votes from wiki's contributors are counted.

If you have trouble or a question about one of these points, please contact one of our trusty Administrators. You must also be a registered user.

Who will see your requests

Active Bureaucrats/Active Administrators (in case Bureaucrats are all inactive).

If your request was declined, and you want to ask why, just drop by one of these users talk pages! The ones who have a recommended sign on them, mean they will answer messages.

Currently Active Administrators

  • Aphrodite Sweetheart
  • Soaf
  • BelieveInMagic814
  • WhiteJasmineFlower
  • XxDragonHeart


This is the simple layout you will need to follow when nominating yourselves.


(^as you see, my user name is linked directly to my userpage, and placed under Heading 3)

Hi, my name is Sorreltail18, but everyone calls me Sorrel. I have been an editor here at Winx Wikia for the last three years, and I have many edits in mainspace, along with templates and other excess pages. I love to help users, and I have helped many: from editing to signatures. So I believe I will be great rollback.

(^This is a short little bio about myself, stating why I like to be rollback, how long I have edited, and a little about myself)


I think this user deserve to become rollback - Editor Julie


I think this user being bossy can be harsh, I would say no - Princess Moonlight

(^right above, other users can vote for the rollback but KEEP THE COMMENTS APPROPRIATE AND NICE!)

Current Requests

Please leave requests here! Please state your name (have it in header 3), and state the reason why you would like to become rollback. We will read your response as soon as possible.


Hi there. I'm Anon3610, but most people call me "Anon". I've been on the Wiki for about six months and at the time of revising this I have acquired 7,720 mainspace edits. I put a lot of time and effort into everything I do, whether it be creating new pages, reformatting articles to meet our Standards, or adding descriptions to articles. I've conducted myself professionally with my peers and have been very cooperative. I've learned most of the ways of the Wiki in a short amount of time, and have learned from any and all of my mistakes. I'd like to be a rollback because I believe I can be of great help to the Wiki. I truly enjoy this community and the people I've met here, and I believe that being a rollback is a step I'd like to take to better the Wiki around me.


Sure, why not? Anon has been doing a great job ever since he joined the wiki. - Love Addiction 06:47, October 15, 2017 (UTC)

YES! Most definitely, you've been a great help, you're detailed orientated and you follow the rules. There hasn't been any problems with you, so definitely! :D WhiteJasmineFlower (talk) 06:28, October 22, 2017 (UTC)WhiteJasmineFlower

Since the others may be busy (I saw other people left their opinions there... but look like it was myself imagined everything), I guess I'll make it quick. As you have been one of the main contributors here and you have been helping out so much, I'll say Yes. --133 Eevee134 Vaporeon135 Jolteon136 Flareon196 Espeon197 Umbreon470 Leafeon471 Glaceon700 Sylveon 11:42, October 23, 2017 (UTC)