Fortress of light
The Fortress of Light (also known as the Monastery of Roccaluce or Lightrock Monastery) is a sacred temple found in Magix.


The Fortress of Light hangs above the Lake Roccaluce in some sort of non-space on a huge rocky mountain that is immersed in the clouds, and one can only reach it by traveling through the dimensions. The temple itself is stately and imposing with magnificent exterior walls. There is a purification cell inside for those who have committed serious crimes and it is more purifying and redemptive than punitive. When the person reaches the right spiritual level, they may cross the threshold without encountering any obstacles as long as they no longer pose a threat.

The Templars, also known as Knights of the Fortress of Light, are the guardians of the temple. They live here and study "Wu-Gong," an ancient martial art that leads to the development of very highly qualified magic-resistant warriors.

The Fortress of Light has several radio programs including the Lightrock Weather Station, an hourly news segment called Hope Conquers All, and a music program.


Templars, Knights and Monks

The templars, knights and monks of the Fortress of Light all have similar roles: protecting the Fortress of Light and monitoring its prisoners. While templars and knights are usually sent out to deal with dimensional threats like Lord Darkar, the monks of the Fortress keep watch over any prisoners being held there to oversee their rehabilitation, like in the case of the Trix in Season 2.

Faragonda once stated that the Lord of the Knights and his knights should never be involved in the fight between light against darkness.

Known Templars and Knights

Known Monks

The Council

Magic Tourney p1

The Fortress of Light in Magic Tournament.

The Fortress of Light also houses a council of ancient wizards who are responsible for overseeing the affairs of all the realms within the Magic Dimension. While there is no mention of them in the animated series, they play an important role in the comics, as they hold authority over the headmasters of Magix's three schools and even have the ability to fire them or appoint other headmasters if need be. There are one hundred members of the Council, as revealed in Issue 29 by the vote held, and they are headed by one much older and wiser wizard among them. They can also act as a large-scale judicial system that decides the fates of apprehended villains who have posed a threat to the Magic Dimension and anyone that is seen as an accomplice like in the case of Headmistress Griffin in Issue 35.

Known Councilmen


The Lord of the Templars is the one who defeated Darkar shortly after the destruction of Domino, sentencing him to a seventeen year-long slumber of which he awoke in the beginning of Season 2. According to the official Winx Club website, he and his knights helped the Company of Light fight the Ancestral Witches.

Centuries ago, one of the members of the Fortress of Light Council, a wizard known as Neruman, began dabbling in dark magic in secret. Despite being a brilliant scholar compared to his peers, Neruman's fellow Councilmen slowly began to oppose him and, just as he was moments away from mastering his strongest spell, his fellow Councilmen discovered his dark works. As a result, the Councilmen stripped Neruman of his status and threw him into exile, during which, he eventually found the perfect place to pick his research back up in the Dark Dimension.

Shortly after Neruman had been banished from the Fortress of Light, his closest ally, another Councilman named Balazar, was found to be working with Neruman in his dark practices. Balazar managed to evade capture and eventually followed his master into the Dark Dimension to help him regain his former body.



In "Up to Their Old Trix." Darkar freed the Trix were freed from the fortress and gave them Gloomix powers, which give them the ability to defeat the knights.

Valtor later attacked the Fortress of Light itself in is quest to steal and obtain all the magical secrets and powers of the Magic Dimension.

When Valtor lost all the spells he stole towards the end of Season 3, the Trix left him and tried to flee, but were captured again by the Knight-Monks of the Fortress of Light, who predicted to the Winx that they will have to face the Trix again one day.


The Knights of the Fortress of Light are first seen in Issue 12 apprehending the Trix and hauling them off to the Fortress to face isolation as penance for their crimes.


  • In the 4Kids version, it is called Lighthaven.
  • Codatorta was once a Knight of the Fortress of Light.
  • The Knights of Roccaluce are responsible for punishing the criminals of the Magic Dimension and it is assumed that they have a very high level of authority throughout the Magic Dimension. They are also in charge of the Omega Dimension.

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