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Breath of Nature
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Floxy is a character from PopPixie and is an Elf.

Personality Profile

Floxy is not particularly intelligent and is the most immature of the Elves. There is nothing that he takes seriously and since he lacks organizational skills, he follows Rex faithfully. Floxy is both lazy and greedy. He loves cakes more than money.


Floxy's Civilian Outfit

Narcissa and Floxy

Floxy and his girlfriend Narcissa

Floxy's personality irritates his fiancée who prefers a more competitive and ambitious partner.

Relationship with Narcissa

Coming Soon




Floxy riding his chopper

Floxy is a pale skinned Elf with purple eyes and purple hair with green streaks. He wears a long sleeved leather jacket with metal shoulder guards and chain bracelets, long dark green pants with a double belt, and motorcycle boots decorated with chains.

Magical Abilities

Coming Soon

Molly Moo (Cake Shop)

Molly Moo is his favorite shop when he sweeps into Pixieville. He loves to break in and get free cakes (or sweets in general).


  • Floxy's name appears to be Floxi in Italian.
  • "Floxi" is a shorthand for the word "floccinaucinihilipilification", it means holding or judging something to be worthless.

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