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Flora and Helia are a romantic couple featured on Winx Club.



Flora and Helia have a very close relationship that has visually grown over the course of the seasons starting in the second season.


Season 2

Helia was first introduced in Season 2. He is formally introduced by Brandon to the Winx Club. As Flora got to meet him, she compliments his sketches. Their affection for each other begins after Helia saves Flora from Darkar's monster that had attacked Red Fountain.

Throughout the season, it is strongly hinted that Flora has romantic feelings towards him. In one episode, she daydreams about the two of them together but her thoughts are interrupted by Professor Palladium. In another episode, Flora goes off to study, holding a letter to Helia, but is too shy to give it to him.

Flora is still shy, even towards the end of the season. After the Winx call off their vacation, Helia and Flora joke around, but Tecna advises Flora to confess her feelings soon, to which Flora replies "I know".

When Flora, Aisha, Sky, Brandon and Helia, along with the pixies go to Pixie Village to heal the pixies, Flora has to heal the plant as well. Being nervous, Helia has confidence in her. As the specialists leave, Chatta pushes Flora to confess her feelings. Flora finally confesses, to which Helia returns the feelings by blowing her a kiss.

Before the Winx enter Darkar's Fortress to save Bloom, Flora apologizes to Helia for not telling him her feelings sooner. They then share their first kiss.

Season 3

Helia didn't appear much in this season but he was seen a few times like when Timmy, Brandon, himself, Flora, Musa, Aisha and Stella went to the Omega Dimension to save Tecna. Helia also appears to help stop King Radius's wedding, he was also the one who tells the Winx that Valtor is still alive and the one who kidnaps the other Specialists.

The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

They don't have many scenes together but they are seen hugging and dancing near the end of the film.

Season 4

They became
closer to each other and they have a few love scene's in the season.

Magical Adventure

They were seen hugging each other on Eraklyon.

Season 5

Throughout Season 5, Flora's and Helia's relationship experience significant conflicts because of Helia's childhood friend Princess Krystal which gets so bad that Flora and Helia are close to breaking up but is later resolved.

In "The Lilo", Flora is doing some training but had a hard time focusing, Professor Palladium tells Flora to focus on what she loves most which causes her to think of Helia and motivates her to where she is able to complete the test however a final geyser hit her when she thinks she had passed causing her to fail the test.

In "Return to Alfea", after seeing the new fairies of Alfea, including Roxy. The specialists came.
Flora & Helia S5 BelievixinStella
While a little chat from the Winx, Helia makes an origami for Flora. After he makes her the origami, Krystal sees Helia, and takes him away for a talk leaving, Flora upset.

During a battle at the Magic Archive, Helia gets injured, Flora and Krystal take him out in the hallway where Krystal heals him.

In "Listen To Your Heart", Flora and the rest of the Winx are seen playing volleyball against Krystal's team, but sadly lose. Helia is about go talk to Flora but is stopped by Krystal who comes over and hugs him. Flora sees them hugging, upset from what she has seen Flora leaves, after congratulating Krystal, Helia says that he needs to speak to Flora but realizes that she has already left. Upset, Flora cries in her room and Bloom tries to comfort her. Flora fears that Helia wants to be with Krystal instead of her because they have so much in common. Tecna then offers advice telling Flora that she should have a heart to heart conversation with Helia.

In "Battle For the Infinite Ocean", Flora is still upset about what happened between Krystal and Helia but then Krystal comes up to her and ask if they could talk. Krystal tells Flora that she is sorry for coming between her and Helia and even goes as far to tell her that Helia loves her but Flora doesn't believe her and leaves. When Flora and the Winx are dancing each of them are thinking of things that they love which causes them to get a special pair of

Helia and Flora dancing.

ballet shoes except Flora, the Winx encourage Flora to try anyway. Though sadly Flora just can't seem to get Helia out of her mind, suddenly, someone releases a stream of living origami birds which fly around Flora. It is revealed to be Helia as he walks towards Flora he takes her hands and they have a heartwarming hug. He tells her that she's the only one he truly loves and they dance together. Soon, Flora earns her ballet shoes, and she and Helia began to levitate, both dancing on air, having finally forgiven him.

Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss

Coming soon...

Season 6

In "The Flying School" when Flora left to go and find her sister, the rest of the Winx went to go watch the Specialists train, Helia asks them where Flora is and Tecna tells him Flora has gone to see someone she has not seen in a long time, refering to Miele but did not mention it, letting Helia think it is a boy causing him to become a bit jealous.


As a couple, Flora and Helia have one song:


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