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El vuelo de Fixit
Character Information

Voiced ByDavide Garbolino (Original/Italian)
Robert Naylor (English)
Powers and AbilitiesTechno Magic
Pop Pixie

Associated PetA pixie turtle
PhobiaA plush teddy bear which walks and talks, and torments Fixit
TalentMaking anything work and using Techno Magic to create perfect devices using natural elements

Fixit is a Pop Pixie character. He is a friend of Digit.

Personality Profile

Fixit has the highest authority for "Techno Magic", which he uses to make incredible toys. Fixit, is very much into science with a real thirst for knowledge. He provides good information to his friends, as pixies can count on him when they want an idea, an infallible plan or error-proof project.



Fixit's Transformation Outfit
Kool PrincessAdded by Kool Princess

Coming Soon.


Fixit's Civilian outfit
Jennifer AguAdded by Jennifer Agu

Coming Soon.

Powers and Abilities

Fixit's MagicPop
Kool PrincessAdded by Kool Princess

His Magic Pop gives him extraordinary intelligence which he uses for unique inventions which combines Magic and Techno Magic. In action, he build devices to resolve any problem while in his daily life he uses his MagicPop power to make exciting modern toys. His desire to understand how things work makes Fixit very careful and sensitive to the problems of the world around him.

His powers are somewhat similar to Digit's powers.

Toy Shop

Fixit spends the day in the big toy shop of gnome Augustus for whom he works. Fixit spends all his salary on high-tech gadgets.


  • His name probably comes from the sentence "Fix it!" when talking about repairing a broken object.


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