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The Five-Headed Dragon is a creature seen in the Vortex of Flames.


It was an inhabitant of the Vortex of Flames.


The Five-Headed Dragon has five heads with red eyes. All of it heads share one tail. It has a purple aura.


Season 6

Episode 606 (4)

Bloom, falling to the Vortex of Flames.

In "Vortex of Flames," Selina it is seen as Bloom is dropled down by Diaspro to the pit. The dragon and Bloom's dragon fight, but Bloom's dragon got defeated. Bloom finally gives one last effort to her dragon, and it defeats the Five-Headed Dragon. With Bloom's power restored and her success on passing the test, she earns her Bloomix and emerges from the pit.


Winx Bloomix Quest

The Five-Headed Dragon is a boss battle.

Magical Abilities

It is able to shoot powerful fire beams from each of its heads.


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