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The Field Distortion Device is a technomagic device owned by Tecna.


The Field Distortion Device, as the name suggests, is used to distort energy fields and create a breach big enough for people to pass through. Once applied to the energy field, the device allows thirty seconds until the distortion stops.


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The Field Distortion Device is a hemisphere with five spikes attached. The main body is light green with dark green accents and yellow trim. There is a yellow shape atop the device. When activated, a panel opens revealing a screen with dark green trim surrounded by a yellow-green area displaying a thirty seconds countdown. The screen shape matches the shape of the panel. The bottom of the device is dark green with yellow circles.


Season 3

In The Heart and The Sword," the device is used to create a hole in Alfea's protective shield so that Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Musa may pass through it on their way back from Eraklyon Royal Palace.

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