Winx club fairy dust
Fairy Dust is an additional Enchantix power introduced in Season 3.


In Season 3, Faragonda mentions Fairy Dust to the students of Alfea at her assembly in the quad. Later, it is revealed that Fairy Dust can be used to miniaturize, break dark spells, absorb attacks, heal, remove dark qualities, and cast or enhance spells. It is contained in a fairy's Enchantix wings, as well as in a bottle worn around her neck. In Season 4, it is revealed that Believix fairies can also use Fairy Dust.



  • Bloom - A light blue, bottlenecked, raindrop-shaped container with five white, pearlescent, heart-shaped charms and a light blue, heart-shaped cap encased in a dark blue heart shape.
  • Stella - A golden, skewed, pyramid container with a pyramid-shaped cap encased in dark orange, rounded, star-shapes with the outermost one being adorned with golden stars and four dark orange, raindrop-shaped charms on the mid and lower points of the star.
  • Flora - A hot pink, bottlenecked container composed of three oval shapes with a hot pink cap adorned with blue, sphereical charms encased in a light pink flower shape.
  • Musa - A hot pink, bottlenecked container with a hot pink, disc-shaped cap adorned with rectangular, silver studs and an eye hook-type fixture encased in a silver, spherical cage adorned with light pink, flower-shaped charms with a silver center, and the cage closed off with a hot pink, disc-shape with light pink flower-shaped charms on gray strings hanging from it.
  • Tecna - A light purple, bottlenecked, hollow, oval-shaped container with a dark purple, gem-textured bottom and a light blue cap.
  • Aisha - A blue gradient, bottlenecked container with a speherical, pink cap adorned with two dark green, oval shapes encased in a light green, circular shape resembling a crescent adorned with pink, spherical shapes and green, circle-shaped and light pink, oval-shaped charms hanging from the encasing circle shape.




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