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Winx club fairy dust
Fairy Dust is a special additional Enchantix power. It is contained in a fairy's Enchantix wings, as well as their fairy dust bottle worn around their neck. Fairy dust has many uses in the series.

Magical Abilities

  • Negate/undo dark spells - Most commonly used fairy dust power.
  • Absorb attacks - Only shown when Bloom absorbed an attack from Valtor.
  • Healing power - Used by Musa to give back Bloom's strength in the Omega Dimension; Aisha used to to cure her blindness after returning from Andros.
  • Remove dark qualities from a person's heart and helps the girls unlock their miniaturization.
  • Cast or enhance spells - First shown by Stella and Flora when battling the Omega Dimension monsters on Andros.

Transformation Sequences

Most of the sequences have the bottle going through its own transformation as the jewels are added/removed and then the fairy playing with/picking up the bottle, twirling a few times, and then creating a shape with the powder, each in a different color.

  • Bloom - Double hearts in a reddish gold/flame color.
  • Stella - A faint silver star.
  • Flora - Her flower emblem in a pale green color.
  • Musa - A magenta swirl shape with a cursive letter M in the middle.
  • Tecna - The '@' sign mirrored.
  • Aisha - A bottle-shaped swirl.


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