The Fairies are magical creatures that appear in Winx Club and World of Winx. They are the magical opposite of witches.


Fairies are magical creatures that live throughout the Magic Dimension. Throughout the Winx Club series, many different kinds of fairies have been seen. These include normal fairies, like the Winx girls and other Alfea students, as well as other types of fairies such as Arcadia, the Ethereal Fairies, and the Rustic Fairies. While most fairies in the series are female, male fairies have been seen throughout the series and movies.

Dark Fairies

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A Dark Fairy is either a fairy who has turned to the side of evil, or whose powers become fueled by evil and darkness like a witch's. A Dark Fairy can also be a person who is able to become a fairy but gains evil magic rather than good magic fueled by light.


All Fairies are mostly human in appearance while Arcadia and the Ethereal Fairies have less human features and look more like purely magical beings. The Rustic Fairies have goats' legs, fur instead of clothing, and hair-shaped horns. Some fairies have pointed ears like classic fairies.

Source of Power

The source of the powers of all types of fairies is from their positive feelings and from light. Opposing them magically are witches, who mostly fight evil but using their dark magic.

Fairies attacking with their magic spells.


Most fairies are known to have used their powers for good and protect the Magic Dimension from the forces of evil, and have collaborated with other magical beings like elves, witches, and wizards to fight evil, one example being the Company of Light. However, some fairies are known to have allied themselves with the evil forces for their own selfish motive desires, such as Chimera and Princess Diaspro who allied themselves with Valtor in Season 3.

Other fairies, while they did not really switch to the dark side or ally themselves with the forces of evil, have however been on the bad side and done bad things. The Vengeance of the Earth Fairies from Season 4 is such an example, where the Earth Fairies, after being freed from Tir Nan Og, decided to seek revenge not only on the Wizards of the Black Circle who trapped them, but also on the human world for forgetting them and they even attacked the Winx who protected the humans. One of them, Nebula, went so far as to overthrow Morgana, the Fairy Queen of Tir Nan Og, and proclaim herself as new Queen of the Earth Fairies. Nebula and the Warrior Fairies later repented and returned to the good side.

Origin and History

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Graynor is the Ancestral home of fairies.

Seven Ancestral Fairies crossed over from the Legendarium World and spread their magic throughout all the worlds the Magic Dimension, including the Earth.

In ancient times, Earth also protected by Earth Fairies, but then the Wizards of the Black Circle found a way to resist to the fairies' magic and absorb it and began the Great Fairy Hunt which lasted for centuries. The absence of Earth Fairy magic allowed pestilence, war, and hatred to instill upon the Earth. The Winx freed all of the Earth Fairies in Season 4.

Arcadia was described in Season 3 as the first fairy to have ever flown in the skies of the Magic Dimension.

The Ethereal Fairies have also been mentioned in Season 4 as extremely powerful fairies from the beginning of Time.

Other ancient and powerful fairies mentioned in the series are the nine Nymphs of Magix who, after the disappearance of the Great Dragon, ruled the fate of the Magic Dimension and were the previous Keepers of the Dragon Flame before the destruction of the Realm of Domino, after which the Dragon's Flame was lost for 16 years.

Powers and Strength

All-Powerful Fairies

Ancestral Fairies

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