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Evans is one of the detectives who appear in the World of Winx. She is Detective Gómez's partner and his polar opposite.



Evans is a serious and stern woman. She prefers to get right to the point, and is quite stubborn, especially when it comes to investigating. She can be hotheaded and get easily annoyed at times (mostly because of Gómez), and will not tolerate unprofessional behavior. She is very courageous and agile; able to leap across floating ice sheets with ease, while Gómez had difficulty.

She dislikes it when Gómez flirts with her, which she finds annoying.

Unlike Gómez, Evans was not too fazed by the supernatural but still required some time to make sense of the new discovery. Even though she can be stern, Evans can smile and be understanding, having no qualms when Gómez excluded the magical part of their investigation as they closed their missing person case.

World of Winx

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