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Espero is the brightest and most tranquil in the entire Magic Dimension.


The area is full of great cities, made of light and wicker or white bamboo. Everything is open and airy, the buildings are close together and others are in pairs. People wear bright tunics or togas, there are no guards or police or weapons. Everyone is happy and friendly. It has a clear blue sky.

Particularly important and valuable are the Enchanted Codes of Espero.


Season 3

In Season 3, Valtor and the Trix attacked this world, seeking its magic treasures after breaking out of the Omega Dimension. Espero then became a very unpleasant place, with plenty of clouds, until Valtor was defeated.


  • "Espero" is a Latin word meaning "I hope".
  • "Espero" could alternately be derived from Hesperus, the name of the planet Venus in Greek mythology.

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