Palace of Eraklyon S5

The Eraklyon Royal Palace in Season 5

Eraklyon is a planet within the Magic Dimension. It is Sky's and Brandon's home world.


Sky is the current king due to his father, King Erendor, who voluntarily left the throne and gave it to him. Sky's mother Queen Samara is still the current queen until Bloom and Sky get married.


Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is the place where Sky, former King Erendor, and Queen Samara lives. In Season 3, it looks like it is purple coloured, but in Season 5, it is yellow.


Main article: Havram

Havram is a city found on planet Eraklyon. It is a city found in the middle of the sea and was once the most wonderful city of Eraklyon.


Eraklyon was mentioned several times in the first season.

Eraklyon is seen physically when Sky and Brandon took Bloom and Flora to meet his parents in Season 2. During the visit, they learned that Diaspro was kidnapped and Sky immediately went to save her, raising Bloom's jealousy a bit.

Eraklyon 1000 aniversary

The Eraklyon Royal Palace during the 1000 year anniversary of the Kingdom

In Season 3, Sky again invited Bloom and her friends to Eraklyon to celebrate Eraklyon's one thousandth year anniversary. Just before Sky was going to make an announcement, Diaspro put him under Valtor's spell.

When Sky stepped forward to announce that he loved Diaspro, and called the Winx, witches, he broke Bloom's heart (literally). Later, the Winx girls find Valtor's mark on Sky's shoulder.

After the Winx escaped from Eraklyon (during which Stella earned her Enchantix) they went back to Alfea but went back some time later after Sky announced his engagement with Diaspro to remove Valtor's magic and break his spell. After they did, they fled before anything happened, during which Diaspro was found out and banished from Eraklyon. Some time later Sky returned to Bloom (after she earned her Enchantix on Pyros) to personally and heartily apologize for what had happened with Diaspro.

In this season, Erakylon is seen again when Erendor had finished his meeting with Faragonda and the other kings and walked back to the throne room. It is shown once more when Sky and his father returned from the Sovereign's Council to further discuss what Eraklyon should do about Tritannus.

In "The Golden Auditorium", a college tale in which the final term being conquered at the hands of the Trix. However, in this place Diaspro joined the three witches and Icy accept.


Castillo 3D de Eraklion

The Royal Palace in 3D in the second movie

In the second movie, the Winx
Winx Club bloom vs icy
and the Specialists go to Havram to find the sapling so as to restore the Good Magic of the Magic Dimension after the Trix made the Dark side of the Tree of Life take over its Good side. Only that sapling could restore the Good magic in the Universe. They had to go by a flying boat since due to the Dark magic present in the city nothing works normally there, not even technology, and they were attacked by clones of themselves on their boat which were created from that Dark magic. On arriving there, the Winx and the Specialists had to fight the Trix and the Ancestresses without their powers till Oritel arrived to help them. Bloom and Sky found the sapling, which was hit by an attack of Icy, in turn causing it to restore all the Good Magic. The Winx defeat and destroy the Ancestresses there, and by the end of the movie Havram becomes a wonderful city full of life again due to the Good Magic returning again to the Magical Universe.


  • In the comics, Eraklyon is spelled "Heraklyon".
  • Eraklyon is derived from the Ancient Greek word "Herakleion", meaning "Of Herakles" (Herakles is the Greek Mythology version of the Roman hero Hercules), probably referring to Sky being the main hero of the series.
  • The Capital of Crete is also named Heraklion/Iraklion.
  • In Season 5, after Sky lost his memory, Princess Diaspro tells him that she comes from Eraklyon, though in the 4Kids dub, she hails from Isis. However, it is unlikely that the planet would have two separated monarchies (Sky's family and her own). It is possible that she was pretending to come from Eraklyon to fool Sky in to talking to her, instead of Bloom.
  • Like all other worlds with ocean, Eraklyon could also contain an Ocean Gate which is guarded by an unknown Selkie.
  • Eraklyon is one of two planets that has kept its original name in the 4Kids dub. The other being Solaria.
  • Eraklyon seems to have more land mass than water.
  • Fairies at the Eraklyon Institute - Diaspro included - seem to be named after gemstones with a gem theme. Gemstones could play an important part on Eraklyon. Other gem named fairies (now witches) are Lazuli, Rhody and Jade.
  • Eraklyon also seems to have a warrior theme, fitting since it's crown prince is a Specialist and the planets name derives from the Greek demigod hero Hercules.

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