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Enchantix is the Enchantix transformation song of Season 3.


Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Magical powder
Maximum power
Enchantix, powers upon me
Powerful, magical
Wonderful, dimension
Powerful, Enchantix
Incredible vision
Incredible power, Winx

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Polvere magica
Potere al massimo
Enchantix, piu forza mi dara
Potenza massima
Polvere mi fata
Potere Enchantix
Ali di luce
Super poteri Winx
Super poderes Winx




Winx Club - Full Enchantix Transformation - Nick Dub - HD03:07

Winx Club - Full Enchantix Transformation - Nick Dub - HD


Winx Club Enchantix Transformation01:44

Winx Club Enchantix Transformation


Winx Enchantix(Instrumental)01:07

Winx Enchantix(Instrumental)

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