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Enchantix is a transformation introduced in Season 3.


Enchantix is the "Final Fairy Form" in a fairy's journey to become a full-fledged fairy. Enchantix fairies are also the Guardian Fairies of the Magic Dimension.


Enchantix fairies wear flowing clothes and barefoot sandals. They have big colorful wings that have jewels hanging off of them. Their outfits are extremely bright and sometimes complicated. They wear barefoot sandals decorated with jewels that sometimes go up to their calves. Individually, hair may change color and/or grow. The hair is often decorated, braided, beaded, etc. Fairies also sometimes wear a tiara or other elaborate jewelry. They often wear a choker or necklace that holds a bottle of Fairy Dust that can break dark spells.


In order for a fairy to earn her Enchantix, she has to save someone from her home planet and show great sacrifice in doing so. When in her Enchantix stage, the fairy's attacks are much stronger, she can decrease in size (miniturization) and break dark spells with her Fairy Dust.


Bloom and Tecna are the only known exceptions to this rule.

Tecna did not save anyone specifically from her own realm, she saved the realm of Andros by forcing her way through the portal to the Omega Dimension and thus shutting the portal. It is still unknown for the fact that even though Tecna did not save anyone just like Bloom she is still able to miniaturize but it is assumed that Tecna did on technical terms save the entire universe, which presumably encompasses her home world, by sacrificing herself to close the portal on the assumption that unstoppable evil would ensue had she not.

Enchantix fairies

Bloom, by believing in her power to defeat evil (after meditating with the sorceress Maia on Pyros) was able to will herself into Enchantix. Bloom would nor have gotten her Enchantix if not for her inner dragon, Buddy, who had shown up prior to Bloom meeting Maia.

Passion for another person's life could be a key factor in triggering a fairy's Enchantix status, i.e. when Galatea volunteered to perish in the Alfea library fire to give Musa a chance to escape, Musa refused to leave her friend. Her love for her friend was so strong that it was enough to earn her her Enchantix. However, since Galatea is the princess of Musa's realm, Melody, this implies she gained her Enchantix in the conventional way by saving someone from her realm.

Magical Abilities

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Enchantix is the final form of a fairy that makes her a full-fledged fairy. It allows them to miniaturize themselves and to use Fairy Dust to break dark spells.

Enchantix also allows fairies to earn Higher Fairy Form such as Believix.

Ways to Acquire

Known Enchantix Fairies





  • The name Enchantix comes from the word "enchanting", which is itself related to the word "enchantment" which is another way by which magic spells are known.
  • Enchantix is the first transformation to be first earned in the sixth episode of a season, with the second being Believix and the third being Harmonix.
  • In the original sketches, Enchantix was planned to have barefoot sandals like those of the later Season 5's Harmonix transformation.

Transformation Sequences