Queen Electra is a character exclusive to the Winx Club Comic Series. She is the queen of Thordal and is the loyal wife of its king, Thorgal. Due to her interactions with one of her husband's knights, many suspected that she may have been engaging in a secret romance behind Thorgal's back.


Electra is a woman with a slim build, slightly tanned complexion, long cerulean hair and sky blue eyes. Her hair, even while pinned up, still manages to flow down to her waist with two strands reaching down to her collarbones from the sides of her face.

For her attire, Electra wears a long green dress with lighter colored accents. She has two layers of sleeves; one of a lighter shade that cuts off at the elbows while remaining open like flower petals, and another that stick closely to her arms. With how long her dress is, Electra's shoes are never seen. She also wears red lipstick, a red necklace with matching red earrings and her gold tiara to signify her royal status.


Electra is a good natured and loyal queen to her kingdom and her husband. She worried greatly for the safety of her people as the poverty and violent crime rates did nothing but increase in her kingdom and did whatever she could to support King Thorgal and his knights as they tried to turn this around with help from the Winx and Specialists. She also mainly shown patiently waiting for her husband while he attends to the other lords within Thordal, temporarily taking his place so that she may properly arrange audiences for anyone who comes with grievances or proposals. She is also on good terms with many of her subordinates such as her court lady, Lorelle, and her husband's most trusted knight, Sir Helfred.

As a queen, she must also follow various royal protocols, which include masking her emotions to remain refined and dignified. Naturally, these emotions can leak out as impulses however, like when she is unknowingly placed under the effects of a love spell and would have kissed Helfred had she not caught herself (during which Helfred was also distracted by Lorelle in the background).


Season 3


  • The name Elektra is of Greek origin and means either "amber," "shining," or "incandescent."