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Breath of Nature
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Professor Ediltrude is a witch that teaches Hexes at Cloud Tower. She is the sister of Zarathustra. She is also a close confidant of Griffin.


She is rather tall and has pale skin, black hair with a white lines on the sides of her head and down the middle which forms a steep widow's peak, and olive colored eyes. She wears a choker and her outfit is entirely a damson color with a top that has a large V-neck, and sleeves that extends to her elbow and tight pants that splits open passed her knees. She wears high heel shoes and a ring on her right hand.


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Ediltrude in season 1

Ediltrude in season 1

When the Trix took over Cloud Tower, she, Zarathustra and Griffin were captured by the Trix until they escaped to Alfea.

When the Winx Club with Mirta were transferred to Cloud Tower to protect the Codex, she and her sister scoffed at the fairies attendance and did not believe the fairies were up to being transfer students at Cloud Tower.

She makes two cameo appearances along with her sister, Zarathustra. When Valtor conquered Cloud Tower, she was seen to react negatively upon his return and at Alfea discussing about Faragonda's choice in accepting Valtor's challenge.


Ediltrude in the special along with her sister

Ediltrude in the special, along with her sister

She and her sister make their appearances once again as they witness Icy hurling a beam of ice at Griffin, she and her sister went to make sure she was alright and angrily scowled at the Trix and was soon propelled outward as Stormy conjured a tornado.


  • In the 4Kids dub, it was stated that Faragonda and Griffin were in the same grade level when they attended Alfea and Cloud Tower respectively.
    • It is also mentioned that Ediltrude attended the Cloud Tower around the same time as Griffin, so they are most likely the same age.

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