Earth is the adopted home world of Bloom, and the home world of Roxy, the Earth Fairies, Selina, and the Humans.


Winx earth

The Winx heading to Earth.

Earth is the third planet of the Solar System found in the Milky Way. It is inhabited mainly by humans who live in cities, towns and villages like the inhabitants of the Magic Dimension and the only difference is that magic is not a daily part of their lives. Unlike the realms of the Magic Dimension, Earth is not made up of a single realm and the humans are divided into many countries and the Earth Fairies have many kingdoms of their own, though all the lesser fairy queens acknowledge the Queen of Tir Nan Og as their highest ruler.

Earth has been protected by the Earth Fairies for thousands of years. However, this protection disappeared when the Wizards of the Black Circle started the Great Fairy Hunt and captured most of the Earth Fairies and imprisoned them in their own kingdom, except for one last fairy. Because of this violence, hate, intolerance spread on Earth and the humans stopped caring about nature. Later, the Winx released the Earth Fairies and defeated the evil Wizards, restoring the Earth Fairies' protection on Earth.




Queen Morgana and the Earth Fairies freed by the Winx

In ancient times, the fairies protected and ruled the Earth, but after they were sealed away by the Wizards of the Black Circle, chaos, wars, and intolerance broke out. The people of Earth moved on forgetting all about magic, cutting off the Earth from the rest of the Magic Dimension.

After the Ancestral Witches destroyed DominoBloom was sent to Earth by her sister Daphne, knowing she would be safe there.



World of Winx


  • Earth on Wikipedia.
  • Earth appears to be either a main or minor setting for each of the seasons and movies.
    • It is also the main setting for the spin-off series, World of Winx.

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