Earth is the adopted home world of Bloom, and the home world of Roxy, the Earth Fairies, Selina, and the Humans.


Winx earth

The Winx heading to Earth.

Earth is the third planet of the Solar System found in the Milky Way. It is inhabited mainly by humans who live in cities, towns and villages like the inhabitants of the Magic Dimension and the only difference is that magic is not a daily part of their lives. Unlike the realms of the Magic Dimension, Earth is not made up of a single realm and the humans are divided into many countries and the Earth Fairies have many kingdoms of their own, though all the lesser fairy queens acknowledge the Queen of Tir Nan Og as their highest ruler.

Earth has been protected by the Earth Fairies for thousands of years. However, this protection disappeared when the Wizards of the Black Circle started the Great Fairy Hunt and captured most of the Earth Fairies and imprisoned them in their own kingdom, except for one last fairy. Because of this violence, hate, intolerance spread on Earth and the humans stopped caring about nature. Later, the Winx released the Earth Fairies and defeated the evil Wizards, restoring the Earth Fairies' protection on Earth.


Diana's temple

Diana's palace in Amazonia

Gardenia 3

Gardenia at sunrise


Phylla, the Selkie guardian of Earth's ocean gate

Sibylla's cave

The entrance of Sibylla's cave in the Sibillini Mountains


Tir Nan Og Island

  • Alexandria - Alexandria is a city of Egypt where the lost library is located. Many tourists visit the city to see the pyramids and other items of the ancient Egyptians.
  • Amazonia - Amazonia is the residence of Diana and her followers, the Amazon Fairies. It is found in South America.
  • Canada - Canada is a country located in North America. It is the country in which the town of Fearwood and and its forest are located.
    • Fearwood - Fearwood is a small town found in Canada.
    • Fearwood Forest - Fearwood forest is a forest found in Canada near the town of Fearwood.
  • China - China is country found on Earth on the east side of Asia. It is in this country that the last dragon tamer lives and where the Green Dragons of the Great Wall and the Pearl of Restraint can be found.
  • Egypt - Egypt is a country found in the north-east of the continent of Africa, on Earth. An ancient civilization once existed there and its kings, who were called "Pharaohs", were preserved after their death as Mummies. Egypt is now a modern country inhabited by humans who live in cities, towns and villages and where tourists go to visit the ancient Egyptian remains and the sunny and sandy beaches.
  • Ethiopia - Ethiopia is country in northeastern Africa, on the Red Sea.
  • Gardenia - Gardenia is a city found in North America, on Earth, and it is the hometown of Bloom, Mike, Vanessa, Mitzi, Macy, Roxy, Rick, Morgana and Selina. In Gardenia, has a beach called "Paradise Bay". The Ocean Gate between Andros and Earth is located in Gardenia, near Paradise Bay. As seen in Season 4, the Winx started living at Gardenia and perform in the Frutti Music Bar with their music band.
    • Forest of Flowers - The Forest of Flowers is a Forest located in Gardenia on Earth. It is where Bloom and her childhood friend Selina used to play as children, with Eldora watching them. It is also a peaceful forest and the only place where a special kind of maxi gal flowers only grows: the Lenugia. Its only known inhabitant is Eldora.
  • Italy - Italy is a country located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy shares land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, San Marino and Vatican City.
  • Mexico - Mexico is a country of Earth located in Central America and where days are mostly sunny and the temperature hot. It is also in this country that Calavera Island is located.
    • Calavera - Calavera is an island city of Mexico surrounded by a beach. It is inhabited by kind and peaceful people.
  • The North - The northern regions of Earth are cold and snowy. Aurora, the Major Fairy of the North, resides there with her followers, the Arctic Fairies, in a flying tower of ice.
  • The Seas - After magic was restored on Earth in Season 4, Earth became linked to the Magic Dimension again and, in Earth's sea, an Ocean Gate was placed or an ancient Ocean Gate that was deactivated when magic had disappeared there centuries earlier was activated again. The Ocean Gate is guarded by a triton guard and a Selkie - Phylla. A Selkie village is found in the sea of Earth, near the Ocean Gate. The Gate is localized in Gardenia, near Paradise Bay.
    • Tir Nan Og - Tir Nan Og is the home realm of the Earth Fairies. It is found in the Atlantic Ocean in the west of Ireland but it does not appear on any map.
  • Sumatran Jungle - Sumatran Jungle is an island in Western Indonesia and part of the Sunda Islands.

  • China
    • Beijing
      • Light Tiger Palace - A small palace located in Beijing that prides itself on training the strongest martial artists. It is also acts as a base for World Martial Arts Tournaments.
  • California - The largest state on the United States' western coast known for its beautiful sights.
  • Gardenia - A city located in North America that acts as the Winx's Earth home for Season 1. It is also one of the many stops in both seasons, with the Winx finding some of the talents and holding auditions there and later holding a concert in the city as one of the stops on their world tour.
    • Cupcake Café - A café located in the middle of Gardenia's busy city area that mainly serves sweet pastries like cupcakes, as its name would suggest. It is Annabelle and Louise's former place of work as of Season 2.
    • Gardenia's Botanical Garden - A garden-park dedicated to cultivating many different plants. It was used as the backdrop to the Cooking Challenge, a small city-wide competition to determine who the best local chef was.
    • Ninjin Restaurant - A Japanese-themed restaurant run by Aki Abe.
    • Tony's Restaurant - An Italian-themed restaurant run by Tony. It is also Vincenzo's place of work.
    • Winx's Loft - The Winx's home and base of operations for the first season.
    • WOW Studio - The studio where the WOW reality talent show is hosted and filmed.
  • London - The capital city of England, an island nation located within the European Continent. It is also the home of many characters like Madelyn and her family in Season 1, and Sebastian, Wendy and her children in Season 2. Peter Pan and his son made this city their home prior to Peter's mysterious disappearance and Matt's move to Paris.
    • Concert Hall - A large concert hall and theatre located in the heart of London. In its inner ceiling lies a giant fresco mural of the starry skies.
    • Kensington Park
    • Literary Café - A café that doubles as a small library. It was Matt's place of work before he was fired for being the "Worst Waiter of the Year."
  • New York - A state located in the northeastern region of the United States that acts as a major stop for the Winx in both seasons.
    • Big Apple
    • Central Park
    • Museum of Science Fiction - A small museum dedicated to showcasing various special effects, props and other things relative towards the sci-fi genre of movies.
    • New York City - The largest city within the state of New York and most densely populated city in the whole of the United States.
  • Paris - The capital city of France, a large western European country that shares its borders with other countries such as Spain, Italy and a few others. The city is also the home of many characters like Sophie and Nadine in Season 1, and Matt in Season 2 after moving from London.
    • Eiffel Tower - Located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, it is amongst the most famous of France's monuments and stands as Paris' tallest structure.
    • Notre Dame - An old cathedral whose architecture dates as far back to medieval times and is located in the in the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. It acted as an integral part of the Winx's search for Peter Pan's son, Matt.
    • Paris School of Fashion - A prestigious school that centers its academics around helping young individuals cultivate their fashion-oriented talents and skills.
  • Switzerland - A federal republic located on the European Continent just north of Italy, east of France and south of Germany.
    • Alps - The Alpine region of Switzerland that holds all the country's tallest mountains within it.
      • Watchmaker's Castle - An old tower made mostly of solid and ancient oak that is located within the farthest parts of the Swiss Alps. An old hermit with a strong disdain for the rapidly-developing outside world lives there.



Queen Morgana and the Earth Fairies freed by the Winx

In ancient times, the fairies protected and ruled the Earth, but after they were sealed away by the Wizards of the Black Circle, chaos, wars, and intolerance broke out. The people of Earth moved on forgetting all about magic, cutting off the Earth from the rest of the Magic Dimension.

After the Ancestral Witches destroyed DominoBloom was sent to Earth by her sister Daphne, knowing she would be safe there.


For 16 years Bloom had lived on Earth along with Mike and Vanessa. However, she went to the park with her pet rabbit Kiko and they discovered Stella, fighting an ogre, Knut and some creatures. Bloom stepped up and unknowingly summoned magic energy to attack Knut, causing him and the creatures to escape and stop attempting to take an staff that Stella held.

Stella was taken to Bloom's home, where Stella tried to convince Bloom and her parents that she and Bloom were actually fairies and Stella even showed Alfea to Bloom. Meanwhile, Trix sent Knut along with an hunting troll back to Gardenia in order to locate Stella. They attacked Bloom's home, but then four specialists, Sky, Brandon, Riven and Timmy arrived, causing Knut to retreat once again. The specialists captured the hunting troll. After this, Bloom decide to go to Alfea along with Stella. Mike and Vanessa wanted to come too, but a barrier inside Magix, that prevents non-magical species from entering any further, stopped them from coming along more than enough to say goodbye for a moment.

Bloom later returns to Earth during a vacation and she helps Vanessa out at home and at her flower shop with the aid of her magic. However, Bloom starts to see auras of the people and what they think. She uses this new gift to prevent Vanessa from making a deal with two guys who were trying to trick her. After this, Vanessa's shop gets sabotaged one time after another, with Bloom fixing everything with her magic. Bloom then has a dream where Vanessa's flower shop is in flames. She, Mike and Vanessa run to the shop, where Bloom uses her powers in order to see if there is something to be saved inside the shop, with Mike coming along. They find a man, who was the driver of Bonners, two men who wanted to buy Vanessa's shop earlier. The driver told them that he was the one who set the fire, but only because Bonners told him to do it. Bloom later tells Mike and Vanessa about her vision of Mike saving a baby from a fire, which leads them to reveal that this baby was actually Bloom and that they were not her actual parents.

After Bloom felt betrayed by Sky, she decided to return back to Earth for good and leave Magix behind. The Trix, however, followed her there, knowing that she had the Dragon Flame inside herself. The Trix ambushed and captured Mike and Vanessa and tried to throw them inside an dark hole in front of Bloom, who immediately saved them, but she was worn out enough for Icy to freeze her against the wall. The Trix then used vacuums to steal Bloom's Dragon Flame and then they left. Stella arrived moments later to take Bloom back to Alfea, which Bloom accepted.

Bloom, Stella, Musa and Aisha come on Earth along with the Pixies in order to take a break from studies. While the Pixies are roaming around, they find out that human children and Earth animals (like dogs) see them but adult humans don't. After this, Musa and Aisha go to the club, where Musa uses her magic to change the music and attracts attention, including bad people who take over the club, leaving only themselves and Musa and Aisha inside. They try to threaten them to use their powers for their own benefits, which both of them refuse to do. Stella and Bloom can't get inside the club, so the Pixies take advantage of their invisibility and they fly inside to help Musa and Aisha. Bloom and Stella get in eventually and they help Musa and Aisha to escape. In the alley they get trapped, but then Griselda and Faragonda appear and erase Suit's memories about the events. The Winx get punished afterwards for skipping class.

During Halloween holiday, Bloom is invited to a Halloween party by Mitzi. The Winx along with their Pixies travel to Earth and use their fairy forms as "costumes" at the party. Mitzi tries to trick the Winx into believing in a curse made by three sisters who owned the house and that their deceased fourth sister was after them. The plan partially failed because of Mitzi herself acting as the fourth sister and Stella recognizing her. Due to this, everyone at the party grew a liking to the Winx, much to Mitzi's displeasure.

Earth was not often visited during Season 3. However, after the events on Eraklyon and the revealed threat towards Bloom and Alfea, Bloom decides to take a little break and return to Earth to be with her parents. Stella later goes to Earth to retrieve Bloom to confront Sky and his actions.

Three years after Bloom discovered her powers and learned her true identity, she and the Winx Club returned to Earth to find the last fairy of Earth, save the Earth Fairies, and restore Earth's belief in magic and restore Earth's connection to the Magic Dimension and bringing magic back to Earth was a major objective of the Winx during Season 4. Because of this, almost the whole season takes place on the planet. Gardenia is the main area of the season's events. Also, several other places - The Amazon Forest, Gardenia Countryside, Europe (as a presentation) are the areas of a few episodes. In the end the Winx succeeded in their task.

After confronting the Wizards of the Black Circle in Alfea, the Winx sought a way to stop their plans from finding the last Earth Fairy. They settled into Bloom's adoptive parents' home at Gardenia. However, Mike couldn't stand sharing a house with Bloom's friends, who either took up space, or (in Tecna's case) remodeled his electric equipment. Due to this, the Winx went out to look for jobs in order to find the last Earth Fairy. However, all of their jobs ended in disaster and them getting fired. But then Mr. Rooney notices their good deeds and determination and hires them to pack old toys to get rid of in his factory. Flora pities the plush toys and uses her magic to bring them into life. Rooney almost finds out about it, but Bloom transfers all the living plush-pets to Mikes and Vanessa's home, where Mike gets allergies from them. The Winx decide to give all the pets away to caring homes and so they start their Love & Pet store, which at first doesn't attract any customers, but soon ends up being a great success and most of the pets get homes. Also, the Specialists come to Earth in order to protect the Winx from the wizards, but they end up causing distrust between the Winx and themselves, and Mitzi, who is saved by Brandon, causes harm for Stella's and Brandon's relationship.

However, Tecna notices that someone wants to have multiple pets and so they track it down to a girl named Roxy, who Bloom realizes, is the last Earth Fairy they and the Wizards were trying to find. Roxy gets frightened by this and Ogron and his wizards attack them. As the Winx got into a tight spot in the battle, Roxy found the strength to believe in them, leading the Winx to earn their Believix powers. Even with new powers, the Winx were still no match for the Wizards of the Black Circle, so they and Roxy retreated. Roxy then hears Morgana's voice, encouraging her to believe in herself. The Specialists and Winx fight Ogron, causing him and the other wizards to retreat and the Winx find Roxy. The Specialists also join the Frutti Music Bar, where Roxy herself works as well and which is owned by Roxy's father, Klaus.

TheWinx and Roxy travel to the mountains, where they discover the mysterious White Circle. The Circle allows Nebula to possess Roxy and attempt to take revenge on Ogron and his wizards. Winx manage to separate Roxy and the Circle, but Ogron now has his sights on the Circle as well. Jason Queen has seen Musa's musical talents in the Frutti Music Bar, so he asks her to go into recording with him. Riven accompanied Musa and embarrassed her out of jealousy towards Jason, thinking that Musa had a crush on him. This caused Musa to break up with Riven.

Eventually Roxy decides to tell about her father that she was a fairy, but the Wizards of the Black Circle have kidnapped her father, and so they kidnapped her as well in order to get White Circle from Winx. They failed because Artu, Kiko and pets tracked down Roxy and freed her, but Artu got wounded by the wizards, so Roxy regained her fairy form to fight back the wizards. Winx started to gain more trust from people and became stronger against the wizards with every person believing in them.

After some time, Winx managed to find Tir Nan Og, a place where all the other Earth Fairies were imprisoned. Along with Roxy, they managed to free the Fairies, along with Queen Morgana and Nebula. Morgana revealed that she had her sights set on getting revenge on the Wizards of the Black Circle, which the Winx found awful and they even refused to join their cause. The Ethereal Fairies appeared to the Winx, granting the first Gift of Destiny and Sophix, for them. Morgana especially wanted Roxy to join her and soon she sent the Guardian Fairy Diana to attack Gardenia with her nature magic. The Winx followed Diana to the Amazon, where they managed to gain Diana's trust and understanding by saving the Amazon from getting wiped out by humans. This lead the Ethereal Fairies to show themselves and grant Lovix and the second Gift of Destiny, to Winx. Ogron and other wizards who were powerless, gave Bloom the Black Circle and were brought into Sibylla's cave for safety from Morgana's rage and Duman has fallen down for an illness.

Morgana sends her next Guardian Fairy, Aurora, to attack people with her arctic magic, but the Winx arrive and stop her. However, Nebula challenges Bloom to a duel, which she wins and Morgana gives up her plans of revenge. The Ethereal Fairies grant the last Gift of Destiny to them, the gift to bring a person back to life. However only one of them can use it, and only once. Ogron, Anagan and Ganthos go into Tir Nan Og to face justice for their crimes, with the Winx and Roxy bringing them there as well. Meanwhile, Duman goes out of control and reveals the Wizards plan to the Specialists and Nabu, who defeat him for good before entering the wizards' trial. There, Ogron uses the Black Circle to absorb all Earth Fairies, but his plan is stopped by Nabu, who gives up his life for closing the Black Circle. Aisha tries to use the Black Gift to revive Nabu, but Ogron gives the gift to a dead flower instead. Furious, Aisha joins Nebula to overthrow Morgana and go after Ogron and the others who hid in the Omega Dimension. The Winx freed Morgana, who revealed herself to be Roxy's mother and together they went to Omega Dimension to stop the wizards.

After the Wizards' final defeat, as well as becoming frozen solid by the Winx's Believix Magic Convergence, Bloom and the others held a party in the Frutti Music Bar with Roxy choosing to join Alfea, Morgana being reunited with her family and Nebula being crowned as new queen of the Earth Fairies despite her treasonous actions.

The Winx go to the Frutti Music Bar and watch Nereus' coronation, and they then go and help some of the oil rig workers who are trapped in a fire that started. Together with the Specialists, they helped to save the workers and stop the oil spilling too much, however it was still underwater as Aisha's Believix powers were useless underwater.

This oil went through Earth's Ocean Gate, that lead to Andros. Phylla, Selkie gatekeeper of the Ocean Gate tried to stop this, but wasn't strong enough for it. Later, the Trix go to Earth to get more pollution for Tritannus to absorb while the Winx hold a benefit concert to help clean up the oil. The Winx then go to the beach to clean it up, where they are attacked by the Trix and Tritannus' mutants. The Winx manage against the mutants, but when fighting the Trix and Tritannus underwater, they get defeated and Tritannus and the Trix escape.

The Winx and the Trix go to Gardenia in order to look for the Lilo a magical plant that belongs to Macy, Mitzi's little sister and have to plant it before sunset. After series of attempts to find the flower, it got planted to ground and Trix tried to use its powers to defeat Winx, but were defeated, since Lilo's power boost was no challenge against people's believing boosting Winx's Believix.

During Domino's annual revival party, Tritannus entered Domino's Ocean Gate through Earth, absorbing Serena's powers as she was the last selkie he needed to enter Infinite Ocean. The Winx came through the gate to Earth and Bloom revived Serena's powers by bonding with her.

After entering the Infinite Ocean, Tritannus found a garbage island which he used to refuel. The Winx, on the other hand, had another concert, where Stella tried out her fashion designing skills, which people found hilarious, angering Stella. Winx went to look for the garbage islands that were floating dangerously near Gardenia's beach and there they found Tritannus and the Trix, who escaped from them through the Ocean Gate. The Winx, however, followed them through the Sirenix Gate and tried to defeat Tritannus, but he used Aisha's mutated cousins, uncle and aunt as hostages.

After many more events, where Tritannus tried to throw Magic Dimension out of balance by attacking the Pillars of the Infinite Ocean and Darcy and Stormy leaving him and Icy behind, Tritannus and Icy returned to Earth's Pparadise Islands in order to pollute it for Tritannus to get even stronger. However, as the Magic Dimension monarchies united, they sent an army against Tritannus, driving him away.

After Tritannus was defeated, the Winx held another concert, where all the Magic Dimension royalties, specialists, teachers, Roxy and both Bloom's families and the revived Daphne had gathered. At the end Bloom hugs Daphne along with both of her families.


After Bloom got angry at her father, Bloom and the other Winx girls teleported to Gardenia from Domino. They settled in Vanessa's and Mike's home for the while. After a while, they discovered that all the good magic has disappeared, including their powers.

With no magic, the Winx are forced to stay on Earth for some time and have to get used living like Earthlings.

When Bloom's parents come searching for their daughter in her Gardenia home, Bloom got angry, left Earth and went to save the Magic Dimension along with the other girls.

World of Winx


  • Earth on Wikipedia.
  • Earth appears to be either a main or minor setting for each of the seasons and movies.
    • It is also the main setting for the spin-off series, World of Winx.

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