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Downland is an underground realm found in Magix.


Downland (UnderRealm in the 4Kids version) and it is surrounded by many twisted, dark tunnels and is just like a labyrinth. It is where Princess Amentia, her husband Sponsus and her parents Queen Quoeda and King Enervus live.

You can follow the crystals within the hollow to reach the town, which become more and more numerous as you approach Downland. The town is not very big and surrounds the Royal Palace, a tall and angular palace. The architectural style of the town is similar to ancient Egyptian architecture. There are no gardens around here but it is spacious and bright inside the castle.

According to Sponsus, each inhabitant of Downland is bonded to a crystal among the ones found in the caves around the city of Downland.


Season 2

Stella and Brandon fall down a hole which had a river that lead them to Downland. Stella gets sick from no sunlight.


  • The people of Downland have flat breasts.

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