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Doorway to the worlds
The Doorway to the Worlds is a very wise structure in the Legendarium World. It is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


It is a very wise structure in the Legendarium World and according to Eldora's research, it is considered to be the keeper of all knowledge, which tells them to look for the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear and to forge these items to create the Legendarium Key to lock the Legendarium. This is where the Ancestral Wands will take them first before entering the Legendarium World.


Season 6

In "Mythix", using the Ancestral Wands, The Winx and Eldora attain Mythix forms and enter the Legendarium World. They come across a huge gate, and the spirit of the gate welcomes them. Bloom asks it how to lock the Legendarium. It replies that they must find two certain items that is the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear. With both relics, they will form the Legendarium Key. They can find them with the power of the wands. Bloom suggests going to Alfea to get better understanding of how to use the Wands.



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